Finding You Again

Finding You Again


, Romance

For two couples, rediscovering each other is the path to true love.

White Lace and Promises

Back in high school, Maggie Kingsbury and Glenn Lambert were best friends. When they meet again years later at their friends' wedding, both are surprised by the strength of their attraction to each other. After a dizzying night, Glenn makes a spur-of-the-moment proposal--and they get married the very next day! Now they'll have to figure out if their marriage was a spontaneous mistake or if they're willing to take a chance on love.

Jury of His Peers

Caroline Lomax hasn't seen Ted Thomasson since she was twelve and he was fifteen. Back then, she thought he was obnoxious--and she hasn't changed her mind. Thrown together on jury duty, though, she starts to realize how much of a connection they really have. Now Ted wants Caroline to see him as more than a boy from her past. He wants her to see him as the man she'll marry.

Title:Finding You Again
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    Finding You Again Reviews

  • Carol Fellenz

    2 stories to entertain and keep you guessing....

  • Kathy

    I usually love Debbie Macomber books, but this is a huge exception...two short stories about two couples that discover each other again after years apart, knowing each other in their youth and now get...

  • Brenna Sullivan

    WHITE LACE AND PROMISES:I liked the overall plot of the story, though it sounds like something I've read before. The main female protagonist, Maggie, got on my nerves throughout the novel. She seemed....

  • Lisa

    I have never read Debbie Macomber before, and this book was a disappointment. Neither of the two short stories had likeable characters or a good solid story you could get into. There were no endings, ...

  • Debbie

    Two short novels. I enjoyed this first one the best -- the story of Maggie and Glen who reconnect at a friend's wedding. They elope and than realize that their impulse may have been a rash decision. I...

  • Elizabeth Bornstein

    I love her books wicked suspenseful ...

  • Nancy Clemente

    Disappointing volume from one of my favorite authors. Neither story or main characters were believable. Read her other books first!!...