Gracie Cain is a healer. I'm Noah Jarvis, a cold-hearted killer.

We had one night. The best night. Then she thought she could strut out my front door and my life, right after announcing she was my best friend's baby sister.

"Give me a memory, Noah."

That's what she said ... right after she rendered me stupid in the shadows at a wedding reception. I did everything I could to figure her out. She wore more veils of armor than I've seen in a lifetime. On the outside, she was strong and self-assured. But within those beautiful, guarded blues? She was laced with vulnerability and grief.

She got the memory she wanted, but in the process, I was left branded.

When she ran, I had no choice but to follow. Not only did I go after her, I chased her halfway around the world. Because when it comes to her, one memory isn't enough. It doesn't matter that there couldn't be a more opposite pair than us.

But when my job came back to bite me in the ass, I wasn't the only one caught in the crossfire. It bought us memories no one was counting on.

That's when all the veils were ripped off.

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    “I had no idea one night with a stranger could be as intimate as it was hot. Because he did what I asked of him - he gave me a memory. He rocked my world in a way I won’t soon find my equilibrium,...

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