Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow

Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow

Submitted for your approval—Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow, a collection of speculative fiction inspired by the original Twilight Zone series. In the spirit of that iconic, timeless show, these mysterious and gripping narratives explore parallel worlds, faraway planets, dystopian societies, and unsettling reality.

•A toddler shifts through parallel worlds, changing into different versions of herself. What would a mother do for her daughter?
•A chef finds an alternate food source on a remote world. When the new chef arrives, will he be forced to reveal a horrific secret?
•A twelve-year-old Earth girl is randomly chosen to rule the galaxy. Why are galactic administrators so desperate to stop her?
•Humanity is on trial, annihilation at stake. Can an underdog alien lawyer save us?
•Time seems to stand still as a young boy bikes with his troubled friend. Is the friend causing this phenomenon—and what if he doesn’t stop it?

Explore space and time—and confront humanity’s deepest fears—with Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow.

Title:Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow
Edition Language:English
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    Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow Reviews

  • Andy Marr

    I realise it's an odd way to describe a collection of supernatural short stories, but there was something incredibly comforting about this book. Yes, there were touches of horror, and more than once I...

  • Kaceey

    I might have been a bit concerned when I was approached to read this book! Why...you ask??OK fine! I don’t do well with anything the least bit scary! There it is! (head bent in shame!) But I was ass...

  • Debra

    This book is a compilation of short stories inspired by The Twilight Zone original series. Before each short story, the Author shares his thoughts and inspiration behind each story. The tales have a c...

  • Zoeytron

    Are our dreams nothing more than glimpses into other worlds than this?  Of what value are time slippages, itchy brains, and temper tantrums?  Do we really need a hovering AI presence in our homes? ...

  • Virginia Ronan ? Herondale ?

    **I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. So thank you, Kevin, for giving me the opportunity to read another one of your intriguing books! =)**”There’s more to this ...

  • Ceecee

    4 - 5⭐️ I’m trying not to be quite so set in my ways with my genres and as I don’t read much sci-fi and this had great reviews, I left my comfort zone and really enjoyed this well written coll...

  • Nataliya

    When I was a preteen and young teen just discovering my love for science fiction, I spent hours raiding my local library shelves for science fiction anthologies. I read a lot of “early” SF stories...

  • Tadiana ?Night Owl?

    3.5 stars. This collection of ten SF/fantasy short stories by Kevin Kuhn has a distinctly retro, Twilight Zone type of vibe to it. They're not overall as dark as the title led me to believe, but they ...

  • Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance

    This is a collection of ten unique short stories featuring a variety of tales in science fiction, speculative fiction, alternate history, and magical realism. Inspired by the Twilight Zone and the aut...

  • Elyse  Walters

    Plausible...Kevin has mind-bending imagination... It’s amazing that stories about artificial intelligence, fading children, other planets, etc., would make for such human warmth and psychologically ...