Paid in Blood 2: War Ready

Paid in Blood 2: War Ready


ROMAN is more homicidal than ever after his girl, BINKEY, gets arrested for murder, and he's out to make the world feel his pain. If the love of his life goes down, the body count in the city will explode!

Binkey just wants her man to settle down and be there for her and their child that she's carrying, but he's on a path of destruction. Will Roman do the right thing? Or is his trigger finger too hot to be cooled off, even for the one who holds his heart?

Not only does Roman want to get paid in big face money, he's determined to get PAID IN BLOOD for the heartache the world has drenched him in. Can the strong, black love provided by his woman ease his internal pain and help him reach his full king-like potential? Or does his pain run too deep to be quelled?

Title:Paid in Blood 2: War Ready
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    Paid in Blood 2: War Ready Reviews

  • Shirley Mcqueen

    Well damn secrets have come to light and now there's gonna be hell to payRoman is out for blood and the streets gonna feel his revenge so ain't nobody safe until he's done wrecking havoc. I can't wait...

  • WanDa Brown

    I’m enjoying this series. Why would Scooby call Rallo and meet up with him, like Rallo wouldn’t know he was on some payback? Rallo went way overboard doing what he did to Amanda and killing the ki...

  • david freeman

    Waiting on next bookThis one started out kinda slow to me. It catches your attention and keeps you reading. Then it gets more n more interesting as you go along. I'm hoping the way this one ended the ...

  • Judith Sims

    Yassssss Tha Bulls!!!!That's what' s up, that Bulls. They need the help. Loved it. Was he kind of lost, but waiting on part 2. When Binkey coming home....

  • angela pruitt

    Great readI love this series! I can't wait for the next installment. I hope that I don't have to wait long....

  • Tomeika Banks

    Good It was a good book never a dull moment good from the beginning til the end leaving you wanting more...