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In the summer of 1967 20-year-old William K. Boe entered the Vietnam war. Twice wounded during his one-year tour of duty, he endured some of the war's hottest moments, including the Tet offensive. He served honorably, facing an onslaught of bullets, mortars, rockets, hand grenades, and land mines. Through Bill's account, the reader gains a vicarious understanding of the day-to-day life and challenges of an American infantryman in Vietnam.

This book's primary purpose is to honor those who made it home and those who did not by telling their story through Bill's eyes and ears. Written in the form of a novel, what makes Bill's true story so compelling is that his experiences likely are similar to those of many other men who served in the infantry in Vietnam. If you served in Vietnam in the infantry, Bill's story will likely bring back vivid memories. If you didn't serve, and if you have a friend who's a Vietnam infantry vet, you'll look at him differently after reading Bill's story. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of the challenges and hardships he faced.

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  • Douglas Moniaci

    Good read. This guy went through a lot. It's a miracle he made it home alive. I was over there and wounded twice and came close many times also. Very happy to know he made it back. Many didn't as we k...

  • Timothy Turner

    The trials of a young man in Vietnam The book was good and it gave me an idea what it was like being in bush most of the time. I would have liked to know what happened to him once he got home. I would...

  • jeff gilliland

    Great recollection Excellent detail. Not to heavy on preenlidtment details. I like the reference to the pen pals. Nice touch. Well written. ...

  • Juliene K. Bowen

    A page turner!This book is very easy to read and superior at conveying the camaraderie and emotions of the men. Well done Sir and thank Of for all who answer our nation's call....

  • Larry Allen Hurt

    IntenseRiveting, couldn’t put the book down after I started. Brought back a lot of memories. Very well written. Highly recommended reading....

  • Robbie Riley

    Excellent book about the Vietnam War !!!...