Ruins of the Galaxy

Ruins of the Galaxy


, aliens, Science Fiction

The mission is simple. Escort an emissary to an intergalactic peace summit. Try not to get in the way.

Lt. Magnus and his 79th Recon Team have certainly handled worse, after all.

But when an explosion rocks the tower and sends everyone into a panic, Magnus and his asset find themselves cut off from the rest of the team.

Worse still, a dying alien chieftain gives them a priceless drive of intel, marking them for death.

The mission has officially changed.

With enemies on all sides, Magnus must do everything in his power to protect the emissary and escape the tower. There is no back up. There is no chance for failure.

The fate of the entire galaxy now lies in the hands of a Republic Marine and a diplomat.

All they have to do is survive.

Experience the beginning of this sprawling galactic tale in this first entry to the Ruins of the Galaxy series. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge, or Battlestar Galactica, you’ll love this military scifi epic.

Title:Ruins of the Galaxy
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    Ruins of the Galaxy Reviews

  • Meenaz Lodhi

    “You choose, and the universe responds.”This is not your regular military science fiction story, it’s more than that. It’s a combination of fantasy, thriller, mystery and suspense that really ...

  • Frances Law

    He’s done it again!J.N. Chaney has done it again! This time in collaboration with Christopher Hopper! They’ve started a new series! Congratulations Christopher because Lt. Adonis Magnus is a great...

  • dennis barron

    Ruins Of the Galaxy J.N. ChaneyLT. Magnus is a Republic Marine. Similar to what is a marine recon. A highly specialized special forces unit. Warriors, feared and respected. He and his unit are tasked ...

  • Jackson Bell

    I liked the characters and the writing but even though this listed as book one I feel like I came in the middle of the story. Some of the characters Lt Magnus have hints of backgrounds but other chara...

  • Jason

    Ruins of the Galaxy is not just another Mil Sci-fi shoot-em up. It is an intense, gritty, and at times emotionally powerful thrill ride, and one that you will not be able to put down once you have pic...

  • Jim

    Lt Adonis Olin Magnus, Commanding Officer of Charlie Platoon, Seventy-Ninth Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Special Units, was on a “milk-run” mission or so he thought. He was to escort one Emiss...

  • Patrick

    BlehThis is such a weird attempt. The "strong female" characters just can't help their hormonal reactions to white males. The male characters are all carefully identified as latino, black (no Asians, ...

  • Gary Oswald

    This is the 4th series by Chaney that I have started. It seems like each one is a veration on a theme, but that is not a bad thing. I would be hard pressed to say which is my favorite series, but this...

  • stephen tyndall

    The beginning of a worthy galactic epic.Ruins of the Galaxy by prolific author J. N. Chaney and new sci-fi master, Christopher Hopper is a fantastic adventure. There is little that I can find to criti...

  • D. E.

    A JNC./CH. Collaboration of a SYFY. Deep Space Action Adventure (ROTG) (AMSE)JNC . And CH. have collaborated to write A SYFY. Deep Space Action Adventure which begins with a Marine detachment being as...