Advantages of Being Evergreen

Advantages of Being Evergreen


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LGBTQ. Poetry. Latinx. From the author of award-winning debut collection The Spectral Wilderness, this is Oliver Baez Bendorf's second book, Advantages of Being Evergreen, winner of the Open Book Poetry Competition from Cleveland State University Poetry Center.

"Equal part prayer and potion and survival guide, Oliver Baez Bendorf’s remarkable Advantages of Being Evergreen is an essential book for our time and for all time. With rigorous compassion and great formal dexterity Bendorf imagines a new world for all of our animal selves in which we are truly seen and truly safe. At the same time these are poems that never shy from the shocking violence and cruelty of this world. I don’t know when I’ve read a book that is so gentle and ferocious at the same time. Over and over again people come together to make their individual and communal body whole, knowing all the while that so much of the world seeks to wreck even the simplest kinds of safety. Baez Bendorf is making a future grammar for the moment all of our vessels are free and held. I am living for the world these poems anticipate. And I’m so happy to be held by them in the times that keep coming on this endless road to safety. This is a book of the earth’s abiding wonder. And the body’s unbreakable ability to bloom." - Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Title:Advantages of Being Evergreen
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    Advantages of Being Evergreen Reviews

  • Tamira

    This lovely book of poems is so powerful to take in. Each time I open this book it truly feels like I'm holding a book of potent spells and prayers, woven with threads of magic, nature, ritual, identi...

  • Kathryn

    Beautiful work of poetry. A deer, the body, rivers, a haunted house, the body as a haunted house, tears into salt, confetti staplers from a dream, warm campfire smoke, an adult who goes to the playgro...

  • Khashayar Mohammadi

    I'm saying this as a super fan of Bendorf's last book: this book was hyper-sentimental, often exploitative, overwhelming (not in a good way) and over all a truly underdeveloped book. Reads like a book...

  • Cody Stetzel

    I really enjoyed the latest collection from Baez Bendorf. "Dear Rane Arroyo," while Rane Arroyo was invocated throughout the book both in spirit and intention, stood out as being one of the horniest a...

  • S.A. Crow

    Takes my breath away - while also giving me room to breathe. Insistence on the body - then turns it inside out. Will be reading his first collection and returning to this one often....

  • Mary Ozbolt

    I loved the nature in these poems, the quiet, the magic, the surrealness of the body and identity. ...

  • rosalind

    090520: quarantine buddy read #6 with keagan! who doesn't like a lot of river metaphors....