Breathable air on Earth is running out and no one knows why.
A mysterious discovery nearly thirty million years old may hold the answer.
To find it, a glaciologist and the inventor of a cutting-edge brain implant will need to work together.
But can they unlock its shocking secrets in time to save humankind? 

While investigating hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean, scientist Nicholay Panov and his crew mysteriously vanish. Weeks later, when their vessel is finally found, the hull has been crushed nearly beyond recognition. Stranger still, the wreck now lies off the coast of Antarctica, seven thousand miles from where it sank.

Searching for answers, glaciologist Sienna Panov reaches out to Ben Fisher, the rich and enigmatic CEO who commissioned the expedition. Ben is the inventor of a revolutionary neural enhancement device. Once implanted in the brain, it has the power to boost both mental and physical abilities to dizzying new heights.

Except Ben has recently suffered a tragedy of his own, after a savage attack robbed him of his memory and left him framed for murder. Working together, Ben and Sienna soon discover a shadowy conspiracy connecting both events.

There are ancient secrets powerful people don't want them to uncover, secrets that trace back to America's Space Race and to a time long before humans walked the Earth. Secrets with the power to save the planet--or utterly destroy it.

Filled with stunning twists and turns, Augmented is a technothriller that will leave you breathless!

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    Augmented Reviews

  • Jared Gulian

    Entertaining enough. Reading this book is like watching an enjoyable techno-thriller movie with a few wobbly bits. Fun but don't expect it to stand up to any close scrutiny. There were unexpected twis...

  • Scott Shuppert

    This is good fun reading. This is what a real techno-thriller is all about! The Earth with polluted air? You bet. Are people willing to kill to hide the truth? You bet. Enhanced intelligence? You bet....

  • Paul Ataua

    Another one of those near future sci fi thrillers like ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘The Warehouse’, but one that didn’t really grab me or hold my attention. Maybe there was just a little too much goin...

  • Daniel Kincaid

    “The world’s been asleep for far too long. It’s about time they woke up.”When Ben Fisher wakes up, he soon realizes he doesn't know who he is. Furthermore, he finds a dead body next to him, an...

  • Gary

    This was a fascinating tale with an ending that was quite far from what I thought the book would be about... yet it followed a roller-coaster ride of intrigue, espionage, and technology. If you like s...

  • J.   \_(?)_/

    I enjoyed the book overall. As we were rushing toward the conclusion I feared there wouldn't be time for a satisfactory ending, but I was pleased with how it wrapped up. I might've titled the book dif...

  • Erwin Van Den Broecke

    It appears that Mr. Prescott put a lot of effort into trying to make this exciting work of fiction as technically accurate as possible. The story is only slightly futuristic and is very much believabl...

  • Keysman Keith Cannon

    A novel concept...Meets alien technology. Or is it the other way around? Ben does not know whom to trust nor whom to avoid. As a wealthy head of a company, many things do not add up. Along the way his...

  • Nicolai Arangale

    I like the main characters, Ben, and Sienna. You know there's an attraction between them, but I'm glad that the author didn't force the romance, and focused instead on the plot. Though I didn't totall...

  • Maria Park

    Augmented is that book which comes along once in awhile which totally takes your breath away. Ben Fisher wakes up one day, in complete amnesia.What follows leads you through corporate America, murder ...