The Maltese Herring

The Maltese Herring


, crime-fiction, Mystery

Dr Hilary Joyner is neither well liked nor well respected among his academic peers. However, he believes his next project will bring him the recognition he deserves. He is working to uncover the truth behind the ‘buried treasure story’, a local Sussex legend involving an invaluable golden statue, fabled to be hidden among the religious houses in the county. Although his latest book deadline is looming, Ethelred Tressider unwittingly finds himself hosting both the academic and his own redoubtable literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, for the weekend. The three soon find themselves part of a hunt for the missing figure, but it isn’t long before Joyner’s research comes to an abrupt end with his death. Ethelred and Elsie must piece together the clues of the past to solve the mystery in the present – if they can avoid the distractions of chocolate and feminine wiles for long enough, that is.

Title:The Maltese Herring
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    The Maltese Herring Reviews

  • Puzzle Doctor

    Another top-notch read from L C Tyler. Full review at

  • Eric

    I do not enjoy this series as much as I did at first. Much of the humour now irritates, and the character of Elsie has become tedious.A lot of readers seem to enjoy the humour, however, and the refere...

  • Julie

    When Ethelred Tressider gets involved with academics, history and most importantly some extremely valuable pre reformation artifacts, things are bound to go wrong. This is the eighth book of EthelredÔ...

  • Lizzie Hayes

    Attending a reunion dinner at his old college, Ethelred Tressider is both surprised and pleased to find himself elevated to top table where the chairs are comfortable unlike his usual placing at one o...

  • Culture-Vulture

    I loved the previous one, so this one felt like a bigger letdown that it really is. I didn't care for the mystery, even though the author put a lot of effort into the complex back-story. And the scene...

  • Anna

    I'm a big fan of L.C. Tyler, both this series and his historical novels. If you haven't read the preceding seven books don't let that put you off. Enjoy this one in the secret knowledge that you'll ha...

  • Theunis Snyman

    Another delight full mystery with Ethelred and Elsie. Ethelred is a third rate mystery author and the perfect anti-hero. Elsie is his chocolate guzzling literary agent who must keep him out of trouble...

  • Robert

    Really 6 star. I've read all the series, in fact all L.C. Tylers books. He has never disappointed. Such a fun read. I do like a murder and the wit and his writing style is the cherry on the cake. I lo...

  • Phil

    On the whole I enjoyed reading this book but I felt that it was a bit too "mannered". This became a little irritating after a while. However I did enjoy the character of Elsie.I shall probably read so...

  • BrianC75

    3.5 stars really. Tyler writes well and in the classic style of the 'Golden Age' of crime writing - Christie, Chesterton, Canon Doyle etc. You can add to this a fair dash of humour. The end product is...