Enemy Mate

Enemy Mate


, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Beloved enemy, deadly soulmate.

Talon finds the soulmate he never thought he’d have. There’s only one problem: She’s his sworn enemy.

Talon is ready to die. A savage vampire assassin, he has led a life of violence, raining terror and death on enemies of the Shadow. His heart is encased in ice and he can barely remember any emotion that isn’t brutal rage.

Until he meets Eden—a captivating vampire from the enemy Bloodline terrorizing Chicago, and Talon’s fated soulmate. No matter how hard he fights his desire, the soulmate bond is too strong to break.

Eden hates being a vampire. All she wants to do is keep her sister safe from the mistakes she’s made. But can she trust the wildly attractive warrior to protect her? Talon seems to despise her, yet he defends her with a fierceness that shocks her to the core.

Pulled into the deadly, seductive world of the vampire elite, Eden can’t understand the desire burning between them. As the two fight their feelings, the war between the Bloodlines threatens to swallow the entire city. Can they accept their soulmate bond in time to save each other from the evil around them?

This enemies to lovers novel contains dark themes and steamy, sensual scenes. These alpha male vampires are vicious, brutal warriors who will stop at nothing to protect their fated mates. The third standalone romance in the steamy vampire warrior series by L.J. Red.

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    Enemy Mate Reviews

  • Becca

    This one was okay...I was excited about this one when I started! Talon the bad boy assassin with the devil may care attitude. 🤔 Or is it Devil May cry? Either way that’s the feeling you got from ...

  • Esther Balogun

    Another intriguing piece by L.J Red... Talon and Eden ran around the bush before they got the emotions straight. 😏 And then Hope😡 oh my God so annoying that I felt like pulling my hair out. The ...

  • Anne

    Eden's life is not going as planned. She was training to become a nurse when she meet Riker. And he destroyed her life. He became an abusive boyfriend, And when Eden finally had enough and tried to le...

  • Kristy

    Danger and Passion and one distructive vampire bent on the total annihilation of the Shadows the Vampire elite.Talon is Lucien's assassin he's seen to much done to much now he is ready to end his life...

  • Caroline Doig

    Eden had a boyfriend who said that he could make all of her dreams come true but it was the opposite and when Eden said that she was going to leave him Ryker flashed his fangs and he attacked her and ...


    A bond that could not be denied!by sewsummoreIt was not by choice that Eden became a vampire it was punishment for trying to leave her vampire boyfriend. For her sister's sake she stayed until they we...

  • John-Torleif  Harris

    I have to be honest that I was expecting to like this book much more than I did. The prior two books fit exactly what I was craving and were just perfect, but this one was just ok.I suppose that my bi...

  • Rose Brown

    In Book 3 of the “Bloodline Warriors “, L.J. Red has given us a darker, steamier and more sensual tale than the last two. Enemy Mate is about Talon the warrior assassin protector from both “Vamp...

  • Melody Hillier

    talon thought he was too far lost to his violence to ever have a mate but when he felt the pull inside his enemy's club he ended up following it any way and there she was being pulled around and injur...

  • Debbie Caswell

    This is the third book in this wonderful series and we are earning more about the Shadows the Vampire elite and their enemies the Ravagers. This is Talons story. He is Lucien's chief assassin and he k...