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Trace McQuade has lost everything--his ranch, his brother, the woman he wanted to marry. When his quest for justice fails, he leaves Texas to head north, but he never expects an outlaw's baby along the way.

Morgana Goldwater needs to be needed. After she endured a terrible tragedy, she lives in a narrow, protected world. When Trace needs help caring for the baby girl, she is quick to take them both into her heart and into her life.

But their troubles return, and Trace and Morgana must face their past to keep loving the little girl--and each other--in their future.

Sweet Romance.

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    Trace Reviews

  • Judy Esposito

    Trace (Bachelors and Babies Book 1)This is a wonderful beginning to this new series. Each one is a stand alone so it doesn't matter which book you start with. Written by different authors, a few new o...

  • SKM

    Trace and Morgana are opposites who have one thing in common, their love of Harriett (a baby who doesn't share blood with either, but steals their hearts).Without any spoilers, I want to give a previe...

  • Dorothy Roller

    This is a book that you will want to read. It’s in a new series that if the rest of the stories are like this one I am going to love reading them all.I love this story about Trace a rancher and boun...

  • E Oygard

    Thoroughly EnjoyableWhat a lovely, feel good story, with a slight amount of conflict with outlaws to add a sense of danger. An interesting and refreshing new outlook to stories of the wild West to add...

  • Marzlie Freeman

    A fun storyA baby is given to Trace because her deceased mother wanted him to have her. He has been working on carpentering in order to earn enough to buy a farm in Nebraska. Morgana is the daughter o...

  • Dorothey Thompson

    Trace (Bachelors and Babies)This was a great story. Trace endured hardships of different kinds. Working as a carpenter in Kansas, earning money to buy a ranch in Nebraska. After work one day, someone ...

  • Earlene Click

    Trace, Morgan and HarrietThis is the first of the Bachelors and babies stories and it was a winner. Trace was a country with a history, lots of personal tragedy, and loss. Morgan is the daughter of th...

  • Sandy

    Unexpected surprises in this charmer.Modern-day rancher has an old problem, rustlers and he needs to take of the problem. That, of course, will not be his only problem and there is one he really will ...

  • Ameena

    Just finished this book interesting very realistic I liked Trace character, true practical and I liked that he doesn’t go around circles just say whatever it is specially doesn’t run from his feel...

  • Rosa Cline

    Cowboys outlaws, and babies5star although usually I don’t give five star to stories that have curse words in them, this one is an exception. The words aren’t super harsh but a curse word is a curs...