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A baby is discarded in the wilderness of South Dakota.
Rancher, Logan McGregor, finds an abandoned baby and decides to keep her. He names her Alice after his dead wife. This child will fill the void in his lonely heart.
Missie, a woman with no memory, is incarcerated in a local jail. She is crazy according to the Marshall, but she can provide the one thing Logan desperately needs – milk for baby Alice.
Against his better judgement, he takes Missie to his ranch.
When Missie’s memory finally returns, will her explosive recollections bring them all together or tear them apart?

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    Logan Reviews

  • N.N. Light

    Widower Logan, still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, Alice, is at a loss when he discovers a baby in the bushes on his ranch. He’s so taken with the innocent baby that he names her Alice, aft...

  • Sharon

    An emotional rollercoaster Logan- has his "stater" ranch , lost his wife of one week do to the their cabin burning down. Jemma - had a hard young life, non of which she deserves just trust the wrong p...

  • Dorothy Roller

    This is the second book in the Bachelors and Babies series. I loved this story too. I loved that Logan our hero finds a little baby in the bushes while he was on the way to his ranch. Then he finds a ...

  • Robyn Echols

    A Fun RomanceI enjoyed this fun romance about a widower still grieving his late wife who finds a baby out in the middle of nowhere. He decides to keep it, but discovers there is a lot he does not know...

  • Nethanja

    When Logan finds a baby girl he’s immediately in love with her and decides to keep her. But taking care for a baby isn’t easy. When he hears of a prisoner who can nurse his girl he takes her to hi...

  • Theresa

    Fast readThis story had me riveted the whole time. It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happened next. I read 60%of the book in one day, which is basically unheard of for me. How...

  • Phyllis Rundell

    This is Book #2 in the Bachelors and Babies series and is a story of guilt, regrets, secrets, mystery, romance and a HEA. Logan, upon finding a baby girl, decides to keep her but now must find someone...

  • Rosa Cline

    Wonderful Easy five starsTwo people with pasts to overcome. One with amnesia. Wonderful storyline different than othersI usually don’t give five stars to books I can’t recommend tiny advanced pret...

  • Dorothey Thompson

    Logan (book 2)Great story of a hard working cowboy trying to make a living. Logan traveling back from a cow drive for another rancher heard a noise. He stopped and listened again. It sounded like a ba...

  • Judy Esposito

    Logan ( Bachelors And Babies Book 2)Wow, what a wonderful book! Drew me in from the start! I loved the storyline, not one boring moment from start to finish. I had a hard time putting it down. Well th...