Little Bird #4

Little Bird #4


, image, Sequential Art, Science Fiction

Held captive at New Vatican, Little Bird endures endless medical examinations to procure the “resurrection gene” for Bishop’s dying son. If Little Bird wants to escape this nightmare and save her people, she’ll first have to confront a dark f...

Title:Little Bird #4
Edition Language:English
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    Little Bird #4 Reviews

  • Daria Yogacoon

    It’s gorgeous, it’s heavy, it’s interesting... but I still can’t figure out where this is all going. I’m confused and intrigued. Only one volume left...

  • Ryan

    The art and colours of Little Bird continue to astound me. Chapter 4 gets even more surreal, bordering psychedelia. The story, however, gets even darker and more dangerous. ...

  • Roman Colombo

    I only have one issue left, an what happens in this one I'm not ready to talk about. Poelgeest better have something amazing up his sleeve to finish this story....