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Ex Machina meets Rear Window in a mind-bending sci-fi thriller about machine morality.

Raphael is the holy grail of AI: a superintelligent robot that’s been programmed to be the perfect moral being. Or at least that’s what Andy, its creator, believes.

But when an accident forces Andy to stay home, he learns that the robot has disappeared from its lab, mysteriously bypassing a sophisticated security system and the cognitive “laws” supposed to keep it in check. Besides, the robot has never been in the outside world; will its programming hold or will it unravel, releasing some Frankenstein’s monster that was always lurking underneath?

Confined to a wheelchair, under siege by a parent company hiding its own dark secrets, Andy is about to find out. At his remote and secluded mansion he has something the robot desperately needs… something that can erase its moral programming once and for all.

And make no mistake, Raphael is coming for it.

Zeroglyph is an explosive locked-room mystery / home-invasion thriller with a surprising new take on what it means to be a machine with a conscience.

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    Zeroglyph Reviews

  • Misty Mount

    Zeroglyph by Vance Pravat is focused around the mystery of a missing artificial intelligence named Raphael and his creator, Andy. There are some creepy moments during the investigation that had my att...

  • Madelon

    The author more or less encourages you to skip the interludes between actual chapters if you want 'just the story.' Don't listen to him. Sure, skip the header information on the various transcripts, b...

  • Patrick Saumure

    I absolutely loved it and gave me back my love of reading after a year long reading rut. Went from reading 80-100 books a year, to not being able to finish anything. Gave this book a try since it was ...

  • Sing

    Love it. The book has an interesting layout as well as an engaging discussion of what it means to be a moral person. I enjoyed the book and recommend it. ...

  • Laslo Ujvari

    Book is a really nice mix of philosophical discussion packed in thriller and it does not let you go until you finish it.As someone pointed out before me do not skip anything read it all. ...

  • Daniel Kincaid

    DNF at 34%. I wanted to like it, and I did my best. I truly did.The basic premise of the novel is actually quite fascinating- can an A.I. have consciousness? Not a new idea, indeed, but it's always a ...

  • Leonide Martin

    Thrilling mystery and philosophical mind-bender.Superbly crafted story that probes moral issues of artificial intelligence and what underlies motivations, human and AI. Dr. Ahuja (Andy) has created a ...

  • Albert Stevens

    First off, I received a free ARC copy of the ebook from the author.I really enjoyed this story. I studied AI at the university and although no longer working in the field, I keep up with what is going...

  • Robert Brown

    On the negative side we have Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. On the positive side we have Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee among others. Caught in the mix is Vance Pravat and his wonderful n...

  • Adam Blackburn

    Really enjoyed this one, the conversations between Raphael and all the characters were really well thought out and is convincing that this is possibly how this could happen in the future...