The Hatter's Game: Part II

The Hatter's Game: Part II


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Malcolm Khalaji is missing.

And Seong-Jae Yoon is the only one who can find him.

But to do so means walking paths he swore he would never tread again. Descending into the blackest hallways of a twisted and sadistic mind. Breaking down every wall he's ever built around himself, to try to predict what Sila will do next.

Yet not even Seong-Jae can anticipate the outcome of this deadly game.

One chance.

One choice.

Will Seong-Jae sacrifice himself to save Malcolm...

...or become the monster that Sila knows him to be?

Part Two of the explosive finale and the climactic ending to Season One!

Title:The Hatter's Game: Part II
Edition Language:English
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    The Hatter's Game: Part II Reviews

  • Shile

    4.5 starsSeason 1, 13 episodes done! Loved it! What a rollercoaster!! The finale delivered big time. It was fast paced, emotional and very, very entertaining. I don't know how Cole does it! but the vo...

  • Simone

    *Deep breaths* *DEEEEEEP BREATHS* Where the devil are my blood pressure meds???  Famous last words...  *dead*Getting the last two books in this season sooner than expected was the perfect e...

  • Lau Novas

    If he was to die, he would die with the taste of his love on his lips. The Hatter’s Game, part II, is the explosive, action-packed conclusion of the first season. It’s not a secret that Crimin...

  • Nicola

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Cole McCade’s writing but of all his books/series, Criminal Intentions has been something else: he has created pure crack and without a whimper ...

  • MarianR

    Season one, finished.This is the story of two detectives who are paired to solve a case, two detectives who, as you read the episodes, you get to know the nature of their characters in the difficult d...

  • Lisazj1

    Since it worked out that I didn't get to read part 1 til this had released too, I raced to read this right after I finshed the first part. I finished at 1 am......with my alarm set for 4:45 am for wor...

  • moonlight?

    5 stars (mainly) for my loves, Mal and SJ. 🤍s1 was so addictive, but it honestly helped that each books were quite short that it was pretty easy to binge quickly (while leaving you wanting more onc...

  • Elise ? a.k.a Ryder's Pet ?

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*I Like Main Relationship*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ So I have now finished season one. That went fast. Guess I'm quite the quick reader. I'm a little pissed that (view spoiler)[Sila did...

  • Rene

    Ok, I have completed 'Season 1', and I'm gonna take a break and then come back to 'Season 2'.I'm very much liking these books. So glad Jan's comments pushed me into it. The romance is lovely, and most...

  • Bev

    Mind. Blown! No other way to sum up how I feel at the end of this book and season one. McCade is truly an exceptional writer and storyteller, he has mastered the craft of reeling you in and not lettin...