Endworld: Lord of Ends

Endworld: Lord of Ends


, Polyamorous

To survive in the Ends, ex-military Cutter must assemble a team of women, both human and mutated Enders.

A nuclear blast has transformed the world into a barren wasteland. Survival depends on your ability to kick ass and take names.

Radiation transforms select humans into mutated creatures who are banished from society--Enders. The males are libido-less wild animals incapable of satisfying the females, who are hot, forward and badass.

Cutter has kept to himself for ten years, avoiding the conflict with a sharp tongue, stiff drink and his two best friends, his six-shooters Alpha and Beta. But the perils of the wastelands won't leave him the f--- alone. Two sisters, one human and one Ender, offer him a generous salary to protect them as they set off on a doomed peace mission. It's an offer he can't refuse, even as he knows there's no chance in hell of their succeeding.

All the odds are stacked against them, but Cutter soon learns his destiny is to be more than just a bodyguard, even if it involves forging together a crack team of gorgeous human and Ender operatives who will make the insane mission much more pleasurable.

Warning: Contains a harem.

Title:Endworld: Lord of Ends
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  • Cr Rider

    Action-packed, no holds barredThis was a story that started at a laconic drawl and sped up to an auctioneer's pitch. In an apocalyptic setting, after a nuclear bomb has devastated the earth, society h...

  • CuppyCakes

    Great story The author has wrote a book that’s very dynamic and thought provoking. Much of the turmoil we experience and see nowadays has been brought together in a very good story.Dam it was a good...

  • Monster Harem

    Cutter just wants to be left alone… until he doesn’t. Two mysterious women offer him a good wage (and the promise of intimate companionship) to aim his gun-slinging skills at their next task: retu...

  • Larry Schray

    Started off good but terribly written end fight.This started off really well, I liked the main character and his dog. The author obviously has very little knowledge of guns. Most guys I know who make ...

  • Jason Lewis

    3 stars, I will read the next book, I like the author, but...The book has misspelling and typos... they are pretty obvious ones, makes me think he rushed through this with no spell check, or even a ca...

  • John D

    Good bookThis is a good book. You should read it. I like the story. The characters are fun. unfortunately I found the MC to be a bit dumb at times. A little too “Leroy Jenkins”. ...

  • James Evans

    Poop!Somehow it seems like I'm draw to books that end in the middle. Damn I get tired of doing that!!!!...

  • Skyhard


  • Abid ???

    Not what I expected....