Misfit Mage

Misfit Mage


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He went searching for a fresh start. He didn’t expect to find unusual friends, fierce enemies, and primal powers.

Jason thought that it was the end of his life after being hunted and attacked by a band of ruthless thugs. Instead, he tapped into the source of creation and emerged from his Death Experience with magical powers.

As a new mage, Jason finds himself part of a wonderful - and dangerous - new supernatural world. He also finds himself in the middle of a mage war as he becomes part of an unlikely group of protectors who are defending a mystical mansion from those who want to destroy it.

Jason has little power, and the band of misfits are on the losing side, until he discovers he can see and manipulate magic at a remarkable level. What he detects begins his journey into discovering how his new powers really work, and just might be the edge that they need to survive.

If you like witty dialogue, diverse characters, magic that feels real, and intense action, then you will love this LGBTQ urban fantasy. Buy Misfit Mage today and step into a new enchanted world.

Title:Misfit Mage
Edition Language:English
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    Misfit Mage Reviews

  • ? Todd

    Me: Oh, wow! I loved the premise and in-depth world building in this story, with its unique take on contemporary magical fantasy. Also me: *GAH!* OMMF GOD. Please, make it stop!Spheres and matrixes a...

  • Duncan Husky

    Rating: 3.4 out of 5I wanted to like this book so much! I am a complete sucker for the Undiscovered Hero trope (aka "Yer a wizard, Harry!") and that's definitely in play here. The world it is set in i...

  • Wende

    WonderfulThis is a new author for me and I loved this book. I read it in one setting and enjoyed it so much. My only gripe is the next book is not out yet. I hate waiting. I also returned it and then ...

  • Beth doesn't write  enough reviews

    Intriguing! This is a really intriguing look at magic. Very descriptive and easily understandable. I’d like some more world building & maybe some history but I loved all the characters & looking for...

  • Tamara

    A decent beginning of the series. The writing style wasn’t consistent but I liked the characters & it has potential. ...

  • Katie

    Just wow!!That was... AMAZING!!!!! So, I usually only read romance books, but this one looked really interesting and I like a good book about magic! This one kept me up until 3am reading! I LOVED the ...

  • Edwin

    If your very talented high school freshman were to write a book this would be a good first draft. I liked the characters well enough but the incredibly naive and clumsy handling of exposition and lang...

  • Joscelyn Smith

    A great series starter I knew that I was going to enjoy this when the very first paragraph had me laughing out loud and was right. This was a fun, funny read with an amazing cast of characters and I c...

  • Natalie

    It was different and I liked it. Wasn’t sure what to expect. I saw the title, the series name and then skimmed through to see troll and incubus. That was enough. The first few lines I thought it was...

  • PaperMoon

    I might have been sucked in by the 5 star reviews and the cover art - but this didn't really cut it for me as an urban fantasy. The VAST amount of word space spent in delineating / explaining how magi...