Without Law 2

Without Law 2


, Polyamorous, Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Adventure

When the EMP hit, the small world around a liberal arts college in the Vermont mountains changed drastically.

But Tav had trained his whole life for this.

Now this ex-Army Ranger has to serve again, but this time it’s a group of four beautiful women and one gentle old man who need his help to survive this lawless world.

And Tav isn’t going to let them down. He’ll fight wild dogs, hungry mountain lions, and worst of all, men, to help protect his new family.

Disclaimer: Without Law has adult scenes where the male protagonist makes love to multiple women.

Title:Without Law 2
Edition Language:English
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    Without Law 2 Reviews

  • Alan K

    A really good post apocalyptic survival storyI am really enjoying this new series by Eric. I’m usually more into sci-fi or fantasy books but even though this story is more about the survival aspects...

  • James

    The overall story is good. I really enjoyed the first book (with one caveat) and was enjoying the second one until I decided I was done. The reason I stopped the second book is the one caveat I have a...

  • Paul

    Quite Entertaining Book 2 picks right up from the first book. All of the main characters are still with us, as well as the bad guys who start to have a larger presence in this installment.This version...

  • Jamie Ross

    Intriguing and interesting read.I will freely admit, compared to other more fantastical books by Eric Vall, I wasn't overly interested in this series.But after giving it a go and continuing to the sec...

  • CuppyCakes

    Got better slowly I had to force myself to read this book until it picked up towards the middle of the story.Nothing happens to the guy that’s like Rambo.I few scratches from wrestling a mountain li...

  • Joni Christian

    It was alrightThe story follows still follows a singular narrative since the last book. Though its now building up to a high point with the biker gang. The main charactwr is just Ok. His nice enough, ...

  • James

    Very enjoyable.The author has done a good job in telling his story in a way that makes you get invested in the story. The characters are fun and entertaining. The pacing is good and the action scenes ...

  • Stephan Myers

    Enjoyable readI really enjoyed reading without law 2 Eric Wall has written a great sequel the first book. Great character development and interaction. This book has plenty of action sex and humor. Goo...

  • Jordan Pedigo

    Builds and buildsOne of the best "fort-building" type stories out there. It started off a little slow, and I was worried it wouldn't live up to the first one, but about 25% of the way in it really beg...

  • Jeremy Bright

    Great read.So first off there is really graphic sex scenes in this series but that being said they are just a small part of the overall book and integrate well with the plot. This seems to be a fairly...