Twins - Books 20 and 21

Twins - Books 20 and 21


Twins - Books 20 and 21
In this latest addition to the Twins series, Meg’s constant interference and troublemaking ways finally cause the twins to lash out. The confrontation is long overdue, and the girls don’t hold back. But Meg leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, and although harmony is restored when Meg departs, Casey still has other issues to face. The bulk of this story is told from Casey’s point of view. Will she be able to solve the problem with Liam and save her relationship with Jake? Or is all hope lost?

In book 21, which is the finale to this fabulous series, our favorite twins find themselves faced with new challenges. Once again, they are unprepared for what is in store, especially when Ronnie and Holly decide to make life difficult. However, when a long-awaited announcement is made, the twins' biggest dream of all, really does come true.

You are sure to love this book for girls 9-12. It's a wonderful ending to the Twins collection.

Title:Twins - Books 20 and 21
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  • Jane Kirrane

    Loved this book!!!!I really liked this book.It was great how everything finally worked out.I recommend it to 8 to13 year olds.Warning:Spoilers ahead!!!!!I don't think that it was right for Casey and A...

  • Athira K

    Loved the ending so much......

  • Peter Chiu

    Awesome book This series is amazing it's one of my favorite series of books.Its about two twins who had got separated from birth and how did they get together.......

  • Katelyn

    Ali and Casey are celebrating their birthday!...

  • soyfur rahman

    AmazingI loved this book and have subscribed to the katrina kahler website for more notifications on the new book she is publishing KATRINA KAHLER IS THE BEST AUTHOR EVER ­čśç­čśä­čśä­čśë­čśç­čś«­čśé­...