Power Mage

Power Mage


What if you discovered a secret society living among us? A powerful society split into seven psionic orders, each controlling a separate area: minds, flesh, force, truth, machinery, beasts, or the arcane.

And suppose you were the only person on earth who could control all seven psychic energies. All you need is a teacher from each order.

Seven orders. Seven amazing powers. Seven beautiful teachers.

Would you seek these women, unlock your powers, and destroy your enemies?

Yes, you would.

But you’d better hurry.

Because everyone is after you. All seven orders. A shady government bureau. The psionic mafia. And they’ll use any weapon, from guns to psychic attacks to seductive sex, to stop you.

It’s time to get tough, grab hold, and unleash the beast!

Warning: Power Mage is the first book in an explosive series containing graphic violence, explicit sex, and a harem of gorgeous women who wreak serious havoc with their minds. Read at your own risk.

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    Power Mage Reviews

  • James

    I really enjoyed this book.I could tell the author did his research on bull riding the PBR and how they really are. I enjoyed the book a lot and had fun reading it. Overall the characters are pretty g...

  • Mahesh

    Loved it. Good start to anew series.I loved Hondo's Barbarian series. So I jumped ahead when the new book is released. I'm not disappointed. It was fun and awesome. I loved the MC and the girls. I'm l...

  • MKenfield21

    Shockingly, one of these harem jobs where the MC isn't a douche and the author knows guns. ...

  • Gabriel Rathweg

    Freaking great! Loved the book, read it in one sitting. Great job once again Hindi, I can’t wait for book 2! This one was awesome! ...

  • Jay

    “You can’t score 90 points on a timid bull...”What a ride. I am one of the slowest readers you will ever meet, but I flew through this book. I will try to avoid spoilers...The story follows Braw...

  • Steve Naylor

    Rating 4.0 stars This one is pretty good. All these harem magical adventures are the same, the trick is finding something that stands out just a little to make it interesting. The main thing that stoo...

  • Paps

    Good starting book for new series. The author brings the same forumla that made his last series a hit so anyone that has expierenced the author other works is going for more of the same dosis. There ...

  • Al

    My first harem fantasy and it was fun. In the world of romance and PNR recently, you couldn't spin a book mark without hitting a reverse harem novel. I always thought this was funny since I had never ...

  • Alan K

    Similar premise, but a different (great) storyThis is a really fun book to read, thoroughly enjoyed the various characters and the setup for a really good story. The premise is similar to a few other ...

  • Edwin

    Great first bookI will be honest, when I first tried to read Dan the Barbarian, I did not like it and dropped the book.When I saw that Jinx made a new book, I was skeptical. But now, I am happy to hav...