To Spell with It

To Spell with It

Hadley Hunter thinks she’s seen everything – okay, maybe not everything but a lot of things – but she’s never seen a cupid convention.
When her good friend Booker’s fellow cupids descend on Moonstone Bay, she thinks it’s going to be fun and games. Instead, it’s mayhem and mystery when a rash of suicides and attempted suicides hit random island residents.
That means it’s off to the races to solve another mystery.
Hadley has been doing a lot of thinking about her life. She wants a career, not a job. She also wants to uncover a murderer. Even though her boyfriend Galen tries to keep her out of the case, she’s bound and determined to be in the thick of things.
Galen’s fears come to fruition when something starts calling to Hadley in her dreams and he’s convinced whatever creature convinced the others to try to kill themselves is now after Hadley.
Between egocentric cupids who are at war with each other, a big mystery regarding the origin of some of Hadley’s favorite paranormal friends, and her own determination, Hadley isn’t giving up without answers.
She’s used to having magical backup at every turn. This time, she’s going to have to fight the ultimate battle alone.
Is she up to the challenge? She’d better be. Everyone she loves is in danger and she’s the only one who can save them.
It’s time to witch up … and she’s ready.

Title:To Spell with It
Edition Language:English
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    To Spell with It Reviews

  • JadeShea

    To Spell with It is another hilarious story in this awesome series. I loved the heroine, and I adored her and the hero together as well. The only thing that bugged me about this story was it felt like...

  • Nancy

    Cupids on the LooseAwesome fast paced read with lots of humor and action, twists and turns, snarky interaction between the characters, great storyline and lots of blossoming romance...

  • Erin Maples

    Love these booksThis series gets better. Sweet and heartfelt and fun. Something light that draws you in and makes you wait in anticipation of the next book. ...

  • Wes Scales

    Moonstone bay book 4So, I liked the book, but the author made changes In this book that I didn’t like. Hadley supposedly inherited enough money so that she didn’t have to work, but now all of a su...

  • Krystyna

    It's not all hearts and flowers when the cupids get together. A wonderful read. Loved the plot. Taking cupids and making them into power hungry obsessive supernaturals that only have one thought - how...

  • Amanda Jane

    Love is in the air.... but it's not all hearts and roses!As the Cupid Convention comes to town for its biggest election in decades the friends find themselves in a heap of trouble as things start to k...

  • Gail Daley

    A Good ReadTo Spell With ItAmanda M Lee⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Reviewer: Gail Daley aka Mystery Loves HistoryI’ve found that most series seem to have a tone. This one is no exception and I’m...

  • Mike Lewis

    Extraordinary SeriesAnother extraordinary story from one of my favorite authors. A great cast of characters in a great supernatural urban fantasy/cozy mystery series. A supernatural tourist tropical i...

  • Janet E. Sipes

    An Awesome Read!!!I chose this rating because I loved the entire book from beginning to end. It was my favorite thus far. I have gotten to know all the characters and they are all well developed and I...

  • Elisa

    A fun quirky supernatural mystery, just how I love my Hadley Hunter stories.To Spell with it brings a Cupid Conference to the island, in other words, total chaos, and mayhem, I now understand why Book...