Rick and Morty #48

Rick and Morty #48


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Uh oh, someone's messed up reality again pretty badly.... The Smith family loves each other, Jerry has a job, Summer is nice to Morty... No one is cursing, or suffering from existential melancholy or threat of death. I mean, everything is sort of safe and great, like a 50s sitcom. And what is going on with Rick?! Can Morty fix this all before... well, I guess, before everything works out nicely for everyone for once?

Title:Rick and Morty #48
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    Rick and Morty #48 Reviews

  • Orange

    Jesus, Morty’s ideal life reveals a depressing picture of a traumatised kid....

  • Nikki-Lou

    You nasty, Space Baby Morty!Bonus: Hemorrhage finds his home, yo!...

  • Kori ?

    I bought this for my cousin and read it to him. The story was interesting but I prefer to watch this series on television. ...

  • Shannon