Little Bird: The Fight for Elder's Hope

Little Bird: The Fight for Elder's Hope

Award-winning filmmaker Darcy Van Poelgeest teams up with Angoulême nominated artist Ian Bertram to bring you the highly acclaimed dystopian sci-fi, Little Bird.

With the same limitless scope as Star Wars, and the social-political explorations of A Handmaid's Tale, Little Bird tells the story of a young resistance fighter battling against an oppressive American Empire while searching for her own identity in a world on fire. A gorgeously illustrated epic where one girl risks everything to save her people, their land, and the freedom they so desperately deserve.

Collects Little Bird #1-5.

Title:Little Bird: The Fight for Elder's Hope
Edition Language:English
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    Little Bird: The Fight for Elder's Hope Reviews

  • David Schaafsma

    “Save the people. Free the north. Save the land. Save the world.”Little Bird is the first volume of a dystopian science fiction/fantasy comics series by Darcy Van Poelgeest, her first comics serie...

  • Moi  Baltazar

    "People want something to hold onto and they'll make it up if they have to."...

  • James DeSantis

    Beautiful art can't save this cliche, religious war, psychedelic storyline. While the fights and overall atmosphere is cold and bitter and works for the brutality, and can be fun, the messy and not ve...

  • Chad

    A brutal, bloody dystopian comic about a religious version of the United States that has taken over Canada and the rebel who fights back. The future sci-fi designs remind me of Moebius with some body ...

  • L. McCoy

    Ya know I was actually looking forward to this one... (sigh)What’s it about?So there’s this girl called Little Bird who’s people are killed so she goes to find this big superhero guy so they can...

  • Rod Brown

    A bunch of unlikeable people take turns killing each in this very, very Euro sci-fi gorefest. I like gorefests, but I really, really hate Euro sci-fi with its purposely obtuse storytelling and fever d...

  • GrilledCheeseSamurai (Scott)

    A brutal and bloody dystopian comic of a group of rebels fighting against a regime of overzealous religious fanatics.⁣⁣The art is ridiculously good! The story feels like a mash-up of dune/akira/ma...

  • Adam Stone

    A story about a hero vs a tyrranical religious movement should be right up my alley. But somewhere around the second issue, my interest in the story started to wane. The dialogue and narration suggest...

  • Dan

    like a 3.5...I really enjoyed the first half of this but found the ending to be lacking.

  • Jess

    Visually stunning and narratively cliché, Little Bird tells a post-apocalyptic tale of resistance and revolution—with a few brief nods to the history and present conditions of Canada’s indigenous...