Dragon Elite

Dragon Elite

I’m not human.
It’s still crazy to admit that out loud, but I’m a succubus-dragon hybrid. And apparently, my dad is the king of the dragons.
I have no idea what I’m doing here, but at least I have my three mates by my side. I couldn’t do this without them.
Trying to navigate in this new world is hard. Trying to control my succubus powers is harder.
Dragon Academy is where I belong.
Now I just have to prove it to the rest of them.

Dragon Elite is book 2 in the Dragon Shifter Academy Series.
Book 1: Dragon Royalty
Book 2: Dragon Elite
Book 3: Dragon Guards (coming June 28, 2019!)

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    Dragon Elite Reviews

  • Slinte Wanderlust

    My review is really mixed as I did enjoy the story but... also I didn't. I have now read four books by the author, I wish she would choose which age rating of readers she was aiming for and stick to o...

  • Missy Brown

    I am really enjoying this series very much! I have been a fan of Scarlett Haven since Bayside Academy series. She has several series that are YA always slow burn, which I do enjoy. Especially when the...

  • Jennifer Macleod

    Mixed feelings about this oneWhile I do like this book, I have very mixed feelings about it. I like Reign and her guys but I just wanted her to be a little stronger and show a little more growth in th...

  • Trasonya

    I love the concept I love the concept of this series and it has the potential to be great, however, there isn't enough focus on the plot for me. It's all about relationship development between the mai...

  • Dan Allnatt

    I was hopeful the 2nd book would be an improvement. The writing in this book is so bad, it would make you think Twilight could win an Novella Award! To me, the book reads more like some fan fiction a ...

  • Robin

    This book... awesome! That being said, this series is a bit hotter on the scale than a lot of her prior series, so beware. I loved that aspect, though! 😁 Reign's in danger, and the guys are protect...

  • Katherine D. Wagner

    OMG!This is getting more exciting by the chapter. Reign and her hotties are definitely turning up the heat. I laughed when she just blasted the school, poor guys, lol. Things are really getting deep b...

  • Dayzee

    Where them boys at?! ♥️😘I love this series! its so young and fresh! Easy to read and it flows so nicely! i love the chemistry between our leads. Its becoming one of my new favorite shifters ser...

  • Carman Townsend Welsch

    Can't get enoughI can't get enough Scarlett Haven ! I literally have all of her stories . They are very entertaining and full of adventure . The characters make me want to jump into the story and whoo...

  • Sandy Newman

    I can't put this series down!Reign just finds out she's a supernatural hybrid and princess. She is having to learn all about her powers and control as she goes. Her powers from her father aren't suppo...