Veg: Easy and Delicious Meals For Everyone

Veg: Easy and Delicious Meals For Everyone

'Jamie gives all your favourites a veggie makeover in his brilliant new book' Mail on Sunday

Jamie Oliver is back with over 100 brilliantly easy, flavour-packed and accessible veg recipes.


From simple suppers and family favourites, to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food - pure and simple.

Whether it's embracing a meat-free day or two each week, living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just wanting to try some brilliant new flavour combinations, this book ticks all the boxes.

Discover all the brilliantly simple but inventive veg dishes from Jamie's Channel 4 series including:

· SPICED PARSNIP SOUP with silky popadoms & funky crisps
· VEGGIE PASTIES with mixed mushrooms, swede, potato, onion & rosemary
· AMAZING VEGGIE CHILLI with comforting black rice, zingy crunchy salsa & chilli-rippled yoghurt

With chapters on Soups & Sarnies, Brunch, Pies Parcels & Bakes, Curries & Stews, Salads, Burgers & Fritters, Pasta, Rice & Noodles, and Traybakes there's something tasty for every occasion.

Sharing simple tips and tricks that will excite the taste buds, this book will give you the confidence to up your veg intake and widen your recipe repertoire, safe in the knowledge that it'll taste utterly delicious. It will also leave you feeling full, satisfied and happy - and not missing meat from your plate.

'It's all about celebrating really good, tasty food that just happens to be meat-free' Jamie Oliver

'Dishes are vibrant and full of flavour and this book is all about making them affordable and easy' Independent

''By now he needs no introduction . . . There's an impressive range of dishes, inspired from all over the globe, that don't skimp on flavour' Daily Telegraph

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    Veg: Easy and Delicious Meals For Everyone Reviews

  • Ceecee

    The UK had/has (?) a reputation for not great food which was probably fair many years ago but is not true now. One of the (many)people responsible for making a difference has got to be JO whose TV pro...

  • Nicole

    Jamie oliver and Veggies - match made in heaven...

  • Stephen Robert Collins

    This book is declared to John Hamilton his Art Director friend thus providing what I always say about cookbooks that it is not just the recipes but the photos plates .A chef can write great recipe but...

  • Kristina

    First, I want to say that I like Jamie Oliver and his recipes in general but was expecting more from this book. The main reason is that I don’t think a lot of consideration was put into the choice o...

  • Terri

    Perfect timing. Exactly what I needed in my life. Some of this annoying guy's veggie inspiration.I love meat. I am a voracious meat eater from way back. But I don't mind a vegetarian meal from time to...

  • Candace

    The blurb written on this book describes it precisely. What I liked about this book is the wide variety of vegetarian recipes and the Hints and Tips. The list of ingredients are listed on one side of ...

  • Sharon

    Some good ideas but disappointed that he seems to have left the two previous books super foods healthy concepts to make rather stodgy heavy meals that often seem too heavy for today’s lifestyle. Gra...

  • Dollylulham

    Some delicious recipes in here but a lot with cheese so will be dinners for just The adults for now ...

  • Jacky Mercury

    There's some appealing recipes here, the first few in the book, I felt had a bit of a 70s vibe to them, weirdly. The pasta recipes all sound delicious though. Unfortunately from my view point, most re...

  • Karen Foster

    As always with Jamie, the beautiful design and down-to-earth writing style makes for a collection of craveable recipes. Definitely leaning towards vegetarian and not vegan (though there are some vegan...