A Good Family

A Good Family

Beth is the darling of God Halsa, a pharmaceutical giant, and she’s got the outrageous salary and lifestyle to prove it. Until she lands in white-collar women’s prison, thanks to a high-profile whistleblower suit.

Sam, Beth’s husband, is the golden boy who has never had to do anything for himself. Until his wife goes to jail, and he’s left to raise two daughters on his own.

Lise, the au pair, is the whistleblower. But is she? Everyone knows she’s not clever enough to have done it alone.

Hannah, Sam’s sister, is devoted to her family. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

Eva, Beth’s sister, is the smart one. (Read: not the pretty one.)

Martin, Beth’s brother, is the firstborn, the heir to it all. But what is he hiding?

Someone knows something. Someone betrayed Beth.

This is the story of the Min-Lindstroms. This is the story of the all-American family as it implodes under the weight of secrets, lies and the unchecked desire for wealth and power.

Title:A Good Family
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    A Good Family Reviews

  • Denise

    A beautifully written debut from A.H. Kim that I really wanted to love, but in the end, while I didn't dislike it, I just found myself somewhere in the lukewarm middle. I kept reading that it was "a d...

  • Janet

    When life for the entire universe and planet turns on its end and like everyone else you "have nothing to do" while your place of work is closed and you are in #COVID19 #socialisolation, superspeed re...

  • Hannah Bae

    I am so excited to see A.H. Kim's addition to Korean American literature with "A Good Family." This is a delicious thrill of a domestic drama, full of brewing mystery over who sent Beth, an ambitious,...

  • Stephanie Wildman

    I highly recommend this compelling story. A. H. Kim artfully weaves together the lives of Hannah, the shy librarian, and Beth, her incarcerated sister-in-law. Someone set Beth up, and Hannah is the pe...

  • NorCal

    Received an advance copy of the book, due out on July 14, 2020. This is a fun read, full of complex characters. This book is a mystery: who sent the beautiful corporate executive Beth Lindstrom to pri...

  • Sujung Kim

    Highly recommended first novel by A.H. Kim. Suspenseful, witty, gripping narrative and surprise ending. Kim does a masterful job getting us hooked to her complex but realistic characters, whom we simu...

  • Lisa

    Thanks to Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for review. Ms. Kim's debut novel, A Good Family, is a compelling family drama that I enjoyed very much. Deeply devoted to her family, Hannah st...

  • Rebecca

    Thanks to the publisher, via Netgalley, for an advance e-galley for honest review.This is one of the most solid family dramas I've read in a bit, with a combination of plot points that were occasional...

  • Cari

    My review will appear in Booklist. Great read. I tore through it!...

  • Corrie Campbell

    I really enjoyed this book, it is part family drama and part mystery as we try to figure out which family member conspired with Beth's nanny Lise to whistleblow on her work with her pharmaceutical com...