The Ruins

The Ruins



Nursing the mother of all hangovers, Will Slater skydives into the Taklamakan Desert in western China under cover of darkness.

He’s searching for three American college dropouts, believed to have been kidnapped by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. And then, all at once, he finds himself in a no-holds-barred war with both the jihadists and China’s secret police. Because the hostages are lined up for the most painful demise imaginable, and Slater sure as hell isn’t going to let that happen.

By the time he makes it out of the desert, he realises he should have listened to the oldest advice in the book.

Don’t trust anyone.
Not a goddamn soul.

Title:The Ruins
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  • Kathi Defranc

    Halo Jump To Rescue 3 College Dropouts In China... Another fast-paced,high action thriller in the desert of China, where three college kids went missing while in old ruins far from civilization. Will ...

  • D. E.

    A MR Black Force Thriller (TR) (BFSB - 10)MR. has penned the tenth novel of the Black Force Military Special Operations Group controlled by civilian managment. WE parachuted into China to rescue three...

  • C.

    How Matt Rogers can take a Black Ops short and make it into such a winner is beyond me. He had me hooked from the first page and managed to make me finish this book in one sitting. I very much liked t...

  • Debbie W Wesley

    The RuinsFor those readers who love a great covert black ops book then this one is for you. Not to give anything away the story unfolds with a unexpected twist ! I was not ready for this story/mission...

  • Sharon Cupit

    Lost teens experience terrorIt seemed impossible that one lone Black Force agent could rescue three teens who wandered into the hands of a dangerous outlaw force in the Chinese badlands. How he did it...

  • Robert D Cole

    A Quick Read But Totally SatisfyingThese Black Force Shorts are always welcome and are well written by Matt Rogers. This one takes place in the desert area of China where Will Slater is sent to to res...

  • Brad Burnett

    Another one completedI enjoy all Matt Rogers books in these series. This one I completed during two one hour walking sessions on the treadmill. Held my attention, fast paced, suspenseful enough to kee...

  • sherry white

    Good book Enjoy the walk thru the eyes of will slater an Jason king stories always keeps you in suspense of what happens ...

  • Frank App

    Fast paced actionExcellent character development, fast paced with a twist at the end. Not sure how it all fit i'l bto a short story I really enjoy the Will Slater character. ...

  • Edward Poole

    Great short story and look forward to amny more!!!...