Hell Hath No Fury 10: USA

Hell Hath No Fury 10: USA



Hell Hath No Fury 10: USA features 20 chapters of true crime murder committed by women in the United States. Part One holds 12 stories of women who have killed their children. The misbehaving ladies in part one are Amber Pasztor, Lacey Spears, Brenda Wilson, Christina White, Stephanie Adams, Cynthia Palmer, Kimberlynn Bolanos, Isabel Martinez, Teresa Moses, Lillie Stanton and Kelli Murphy. Part Two offers up four stories of women who have murdered their partners. They are Rita Gluzman, Adraiana Vasco, Kelly Forbes and Heather Horst. Part Three holds four Quick Hits. They include Stephany Lafountain, Kayla Giles, Keisha Holmes and Catherine Kieu. For the end of the book bonus chapter, we dusted off an oldie from Scene of the Crime 2 called The Old Orchard Beach Murders.

Title:Hell Hath No Fury 10: USA
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  • Bettye McKee

    Deadlier than the maleThe accounts in this book deal with women who killed. Especially tragic are the children, often infants, who were murdered by their own mothers. Women who have the natural matern...

  • Neil Brunton

    Justice failsWhen you read that some of these evil people planned a lot of the crimes and then use the insanity plea and blame there poor or hard upbringing on their reasons to kill especially their c...

  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Another great book from this twosomeThe McDonald's write really good quick read true crime anthologies. There are always color pictures and the stories usually aren't well known. I enjoy reading them ...

  • ann barclay

    Enjoyable book.Another very good book from Les MacDonald. There were a few cases in this book that I've never read about before which was refreshing....

  • Lauretta

    Very nice short stories. They take you straight to the point. In writing a good story, make it so good that your reader can't put the book down. I am glued to this book....

  • Christina Arnold

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺As always, these are good books. It saddens me that people can kill, but to kill their loved one.... including kid's and the elderly is so heartbreaking. ...