A Single Bright Candle's Flame

A Single Bright Candle's Flame


2019, , adult, favorites, brb-crying-at-five-in-the-morning, m-m, mm, 3-stars, crime-mystery-suspense, crime-mystery-thriller, detectives-mystery, hero-nice-guy, mm, one-of-the-best, mm, established-relationship, military-police-fbi, mm, police-crime-mm, assasins-spies-agent-detective-cop, mm-contemporary, m-m, Romance, Mystery, Contemporary, LGBT, Adult, Thriller, Dark, Suspense


Detective Malcolm Khalaji is at a loss.

For the second time in his life, he wasn't there when his lover needed him. And with Seong-Jae Yoon on leave pending an internal investigation, Malcolm doesn't know what to do with a shattered partner and boyfriend who's retreated from him into a dark and broken place. It's Gabrielle all over again...yet this time, Malcolm is determined to do this right. This time he's determined to be there no matter what Seong-Jae needs, even if it means taking time off from the pressures of their job to hold Seong-Jae through every moment of trauma, of guilt, of self-recrimination.

Until a frantic phone call from Seong-Jae's parents destroys any hope of peace.

Because Seong-Jae's younger sister is missing—and there's only one place she would go.

Yet even if the desperate search breaks Seong-Jae's numbness, it's the warmth of family that brings him back from a black and dangerous edge—and shows Malcolm a side to Seong-Jae he never could have imagined. But not even these idyllic moments of calm are safe, as the twisted machinations surrounding them continue. If each player in this game is a chess piece, then none other than Edmund Bishop is a pawn, sacrificed to save his queen. Yet is Lillienne Wellington really the one pulling the strings?

Or is someone else trying to eliminate Bishop for their own dire ends?

Title:A Single Bright Candle's Flame
Edition Language:English
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    A Single Bright Candle's Flame Reviews

  • Shile

    4.5 starsThe Wolf and The Black Cat. Every time, Malcolm thought.Every time he thought he had Seong-Jae figured out, he learned something new. He saw some other facet that only made him shine all t...

  • Lau Novas

    Silly girl, thinking there were too many books in this series: they aren’t enough. I really don't know what I'm going to do when I finish them. If I could, I would live between their pages!! “Y...

  • Simone

    ***4.5 Stars*** Malcolm always seemed to know just what Seong-Jae needed, when what it came down to quite simply was that all Seong-Jae needed was Malcolm. Cuteness overload....

  • moonlight?

    "Who we are, what we love, what we intend, what we feel..." The old wolf shook his head. "Sometimes we can't find that in English, but it's our common meeting ground. Yet we were shaped by other tongu...

  • Nicola

    Seriously. This series is everything. Everyone needs a good dose of lovely in their lives and, after how events played out in our previous visit, Malcom and Seong-Jae need that too. Enter Seong-Ja,...

  • Bev

    I didn't think I could love these two men any harder till I saw them with Seong-Ja, be still my beating heart. I loved the softer, sweet tone to this one, it gave me a chance to breathe....

  • Elise ? a.k.a Ryder's Pet ?

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Cute*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The book picks up two weeks since the end of book eight. It picks up after Seong-Jae has to deal with the fact that he was forced to end someone's life f...

  • Layla

    “You’re everything. You overwhelm me and I don’t want to lose myself but I need to drown in you and you make me feel like I could sink forever and never come up for air.” That's it. That's my ...

  • MarianR

    4.5⭐Sometimes when you are in the bottom, when you're grieving and can't get up, being with your family can be the strength you needed. Their presence can bring you back to life.I loved Seong-Jae's ...

  • Oshiiy

    3.7 stars 💫 This time we met a family member of Seong-Jae. Seong-Ja was Jae’s little sister. I loved Seong-Ja. She was enjoyable and amazing. She knew how to deal with everyone being just her.Seo...