BEAUTY QUEEN: Crossdressing, Feminization

BEAUTY QUEEN: Crossdressing, Feminization


Todd has had a crush on Jenna since he was a pre-teen boy, but he’s never had the courage to talk to her until one night at a party. Their chemistry is undeniable and Todd is excited when he gets Jenna alone in a bedroom. And then he’s shocked when she takes off her dress and undies and asks him to put them on. It’s what she’s into, and it’s the only way he’s going to get any so he plays along. He even lets her take a few pictures after she puts a bit of makeup on his face.

It’s a few months later when Todd turns on his TV and sees one of those pictures of him all dolled up and pretty. He hasn’t just been submitted to the town’s Miss Beautiful contest—he’s won it. And now he’s expected to make an appearance on live TV, and a few other appearances around town as well.

Title:BEAUTY QUEEN: Crossdressing, Feminization
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  • Anne Mouse

    A fun taleHe adored her, but she didn't seem to notice him. Then one day that all changed and suddenly he was her project....

  • Sapphire Stevens

    Wonderful !The story was sexy and left you with a nice wonderful glow! I just wish it was longer!Thanks for a great read!...

  • Ronald Moore

    A fun rompNikki does a great job in the writing of this story. She captures perfectly the lengths a boy will go to to be with a girl. For me I think a little more development of the female characters ...