Broken Hill High

Broken Hill High

‘Go live with Nate Ryder,’ they said.

‘Everything will be fine,’ they said.

Are they nuts?

Nate Ryder has been the bane of my existence for the past five years. He’s made it his personal mission to make my life a living hell and now my parents expect me to go and live with the guy for the foreseeable future.

No thanks. I’d rather gouge out my eyes with a toothpick than live with him and his little brother, Jesse. Only problem is, they have my parents wrapped around their little fingers, thinking they’re the good little boys they pretend to be.

But I know better, and so does the rest of Broken Hill High.

Nate Ryder is not to be messed with. He’s a bad boy through and through. A bully. A guy who doesn’t care who he has to step on to get what he wants. He’s the devil and he knows it.

Now that devil is my roommate.

I better hold on tight because this is going to be one bumpy ride. One where I can guarantee that I won’t come out the same.

Dive in to the world of Broken Hill High and meet your new favorite bad boy.

This is one wild read you don’t want to miss.

WARNING: The Broken Hill High Series is a four book New Adult Romance filled with LOL moments, teenage angst, and of course, all the swoon worthy moments I know you’re all dying for. This series is recommended for mature readers due to cursing and sexual content. If this offends you, then steer clear of this bad boy romance!

For everyone else, dive in and have fun!

Title:Broken Hill High
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    Broken Hill High Reviews

  • Ivy H

    Once again, I feel like I am stuck in fan fiction hell ! This story seems like a rip-off of Bully. For one thing, the female main character in Bully is called Tate and the H in this book is named Nate...

  • ????? ?? ??

    Very good, reminds me a bit of Fallen Crest High!The story of a girl and two brothers, one who she loves and the other who treats her like family. The premise is very similar to Fallen Crest, which I ...

  • Kara

    ***Edited to add that the author made some disparaging remarks in this comment thread that she has since deleted. While I understand that writers work hard on their books and it’s hard for them to h...

  • Melanie (mells_view)

    So basically we have the classic nice but strong girl falls for her bully but undercover protector/crush romance. Tora is a high school girl with every day problems, and then bigger ones in the form o...

  • Fre06 Begum

    The writing was too immature and the main characters SO annoying that I couldn’t continue....

  • Jamie Campbell

    10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This book was awesome. I read mixed reviews about this book. I'm glad I ignored the negative reviews. I loved it.It was also a new author for me, But now I'm going to ...

  • Kayla Brunson

    I'm glad I went in with low expectations because this was a mess. ...

  • Brandi Barger

    Buddy read with my sister so we are both leaving the same review. I am just adding a little more. I feel like I just read stolen work. I'm sorry but please don't waste your money on this book. I sugge...

  • Danielle Smith

    I feel like I just read stolen work. I'm sorry but please don't waste your money on this book. I suggest if this is the kind of story you are interested in that you buy the original book by the origin...

  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*

    YA with way too many over privileged 2 dimensional characters who do 2 dimensional things... everyday.It was like watching a really horrible Hallmark special that was filmed in the 90s that you catch ...