Dead and Gone to Bell

Dead and Gone to Bell


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A gripping crime mystery that will make your jaw drop.

Investigative reporter, Samantha Bell, knows the end is near. But when young women are suddenly being targeted by a mysterious serial killer who leaves little clues behind, Samantha pushes her way into the biggest murder investigation of her life.

Four crime-solving women set out on an exhilarating adventure to stop a serial killer before tragedy strikes again.

On a mission to tell the story to save her career, nothing is as it seems. Met by terrifying roadblocks, Samantha needs a win. Willing to do whatever it takes, she and her friends risk their lives to work together and sift through the lies and deception that seem to be waiting for them around every turn.

Shocking twists and page-turning suspense from beginning to end.

It’s a race against the clock to catch the killer and just when it seems another victim’s life will be claimed, Samantha receives an anonymous message saying she will be the one to solve the case. Suddenly, the game has changed. When someone close to Samantha appears to be the next target, all rules are off the table and anything goes.

If you like Melinda Leigh, James Patterson, and Robert Dugoni, you won't be able to put down the pulse-pounding Samantha Bell series.

Title:Dead and Gone to Bell
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    Dead and Gone to Bell Reviews

  • Joan

    I assume (based on the poor editing) that this book is self-published. The novel itself is very interesting, but the writing style is very rough. There were a number of misused words (smirk implies di...

  • Coco.V

    ­čÄü FREE on Amazon today (12/29/2019)! ­čÄü...

  • Sara Eames

    A well-written thriller with believable characters and a strong plot. It was fairly obvious who the killer was, but that did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the story. I was a little disappo...

  • Mrs L.M.Mostyn

    Too similar to James Patterson's Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club booksInstead of Alex Cross we have Alex King and a new group of Women's Murder Club ladies. Too similar in my opinion to the boo...

  • Grace

    DNF## DNF, made it to 61% and gave up. The idea of the story was good, but the execution was lacking. Everything just ran together in this book. I had a hard time figuring out who said what and who wa...

  • Weiping Yin

    Predicable and unlovable charactersThere are so many flaws in this book. The detective tells his girlfriend his cases first before telling his partner. The detective takes civilian to chase murder wit...

  • Ted Tayler

    "A curate's egg"This took a long time to say not much, which for the first in a series isn't what I look for. However, yet again I bow to the superior knowledge of the massive number of positive revie...

  • Kathy

    EhNot too bad, but the grammatical errors took me out of the story too often. The twist was not much of a surprise. And I am really tired of female protagonists putting themselves stupidly in danger....

  • Rose Arbor

    It Rings the Bell!I loved it. It twists and turns, providing many suspects. The mystery was interesting, scary, and satisfying. I loved the heroine. She was one smart cookie. She worried a lot about b...

  • Lynda Kelly

    I gave up on this at doesn't really flow in a normal way and some sentences just left me baffled. Even a line in the synopsis puzzled me, "Investigative reporter, Samantha Bell, knows the ...