Her Last Make-Believe Marriage

Her Last Make-Believe Marriage

A female carpenter needs a husband so she can get her contractor's license back... Can Jeri and Sawyer navigate the minefield of a pretend marriage before their feelings become real?

Jeri Bell lost everything when her former construction manager betrayed her—her company, her crew, and her contractor's license. She's been hired to build dog enclosures at Last Chance Ranch, and she needs the job and loves the atmosphere. But when the ranch's grant funding might dry up if she can't provide her license, she's desperate for a solution.

The cowboy living in the cabin next door, Sawyer Smith, doesn't want to go visit his perfectly paired-off family, but it's hard to find a date when he spends all his time with ranch animals. So he walks next door, a proposition in his back pocket for the beautiful brunette who's come to the ranch and caught his eye.

Jeri readily agrees—maybe a little too fast—and after a successful party where they've fooled his family that they’re a happy couple, she convinces him to stop by the courthouse and tie the knot so she can get her contractor's license back.

For the ranch, they agree. Just for a few months, they say. After all, the ranch would die without the grant money, and Jeri really is the best contractor there is.

As Sawyer and Jeri spend more time together, she starts to develop real feelings for him, which scares her. Hasn't she already done this once? Fallen for a man only to lose everything? Yes. Yes, she has. Can she risk her heart—and her business—again?

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Title:Her Last Make-Believe Marriage
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    Her Last Make-Believe Marriage Reviews

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    Family:I really enjoying reading about all the people who come at work on the ranch ad turn there lives ....

  • Courtney

    I absolutely love Liz Isaacson, I love her writings and the series she always seems to create beginning with a single novel. In "Her Last Make-Believe Marriage," we find two middle aged adults- differ...

  • Norma

    Last Chance Ranch lets us see into the lives & feelings of two more of it's family as Jeri and Sawyer try to help each other out. While spending time together, feelings for each other surface and they...

  • Rhonda

    This is the story of Jeri Bell and Sawyer Smith. Jeri is a carpenter on the Last Chance Ranch and Sawyer takes care of a little bit of everything. Jeri had a construction company but lost it and her c...

  • Teresa  Christianson

    Jeri needs to have a new last name so she can get her contractors license again. Sawyer needs someone to pretend to be he girl friend and go to his family picnic with him to keep his off his back. Can...

  • Kristen Lewendon

    A fake wedding theme is almost always a sure-fire hit with me. This book didn’t miss. Sawyer makes my heart sigh. He’s sweet and charming, loyal and forgiving. Just, all the traits I look for in a...

  • Busybeth76

    Sweet and Sad and everything in betweenSawyer and Jeri both work on Second Chance Ranch. She's in construction, helping bring the ranch back to life. He's a cowboy mainly working with the horses, but ...

  • Maria Thomas

    All the books of Ms Isaacson's that I've read follow pretty much the same formula and this one does too but with a twist. A big twist. They are married. It isn't insta-love so much as insta-marriage, ...

  • Judy and Jim Burdett

    I received a complimentary copy of Her Last Make-Believe Marriage. I am freely leaving a review.Another great story by Liz Isaacson. I have enjoyed all the books of Liz Isaacson's that I have read. Je...

  • Lisa

    Liz Isaacson has written a romance about a slightly older couple, around 40 years old. The characters are well-developed. I must admit that I liked Sawyer better than Jeri. She had made, in my opinion...