*** There were 54 victims before this. Who is number 55? ***
A thriller with a killer hook, and an ending that will make you gasp!

Wilbrook in Western Australia is a sleepy, remote town that sits on the edge of miles and miles of unexplored wilderness. It is home to Police Sergeant Chandler Jenkins, who is proud to run the town's small police station, a place used to dealing with domestic disputes and noise complaints.

All that changes on a scorching day when an injured man stumbles into Chandler's station. He's covered in dried blood. His name is Gabriel. He tells Chandler what he remembers.

He was drugged and driven to a cabin in the mountains and tied up in iron chains. The man who took him was called Heath. Heath told Gabriel he was going to be number 55. His 55th victim.

Heath is a serial killer.

As a manhunt is launched, a man who says he is Heath walks into the same station. He tells Chandler he was taken by a man named Gabriel. Gabriel told Heath he was going to be victim 55.

Gabriel is the serial killer.

Two suspects. Two identical stories. Which one is the truth?

James Delargy has written one of the most exciting debuts of 2019. He masterfully paints the picture of a remote Western Australian town and its people, swallowed whole by the hunt for a serial killer. This novel has been sold in 19 countries so far and has just been optioned for film.

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  • Paromjit

    Another Aussie crime writer establishes himself as the latest to pen an intense and intriguing novel with a fabulous premise. Set in Western Australia, Wilbrook is a small empty shell of a town, with ...

  • Kylie D

    Wow, this is one book that will get a grip on you and wont let go! Two suspects, each with the same story, blaming the other. A possible 54 bodies somewhere. Small town cop Chandler has no choice but ...

  • Carolyn

    Whoa! This was one high tension read. I don't think my heartbeat returned to normal the whole way through. And that ending - Mr Delargy - How Could You?!!This is a very clever debut novel with two you...

  • Phrynne

    This book started so well with two men in police custody, each one claiming to be the victim of the other. Who to believe and how to discover the truth?What a great premise which led to an interesting...

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    EXCERPT: Chandler could almost see Gabriel's heart pound under his tee-shirt. The memories were flooding back, intense and uncontrolled. After a long breath that seemed to suck the last of the oxygen ...

  • NZLisaM

    3.5 rounded up to 4!In the small, isolated Outback town of Gardner's Hill, Western Australia, a distraught man named Gabriel stumbles into the police station. He claims to have been held prisoner by a...

  • Brenda

    Sergeant Chandler Jenkins was in charge of the small police station in Wilbrook, Western Australia. One morning, a bedraggled and bloodied individual who said his name was Gabriel, entered the station...

  • Pauline

    A small police station in a quiet remote town in Australia is sent into chaos when a man arrives stating that he has been held prisoner by a serial killer and he was to be victim number 55. Later that...

  • Liz Barnsley

    One sitting, totally absorbing and utterly addictive read with a KILLER ending- that is “55”, the novel coming next year from James DeLargey, definitely a writer to watch although I’m not sure I...

  • Marianne

    From the opening pages of his first novel, 55, Irish-born author, James Delargy creates instant intrigue when two men, clearly in fear of their lives, enter a remote Western Australian town in short s...