Mystery of the Theatre Ghost (Secret Seven)

Mystery of the Theatre Ghost (Secret Seven)


A second, action-packed Secret Seven adventure by prize-winning author Pamela Butchart, brilliantly illustrated by Tony Ross.

The Secret Seven are excited to be chosen as extras in a local play, but during the opening performances things go seriously wrong. Could someone be trying to sabotage? The cast and crew are adamant that a theatre ghost must be causing the mysterious accidents, but the Seven aren't convinced. It's up to the gang and their spaniel Scamper to find out who is really behind the mischief - and why!

Set in the same world and time as the original stories by Enid Blyton, both Mystery of the Skull and this fantastic new book satisfyingly extend the series for fans old and new. Both stories are brought to life by Tony Ross's brilliant illustrations throughout.

Join the Secret Seven for more mystery, excitement, friendship and FUN than ever before!

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Title:Mystery of the Theatre Ghost (Secret Seven)
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    Mystery of the Theatre Ghost (Secret Seven) Reviews

  • Saffron Mavros

    This book series is meant for a younger age group, but thrilling and exciting nonetheless. This was one of the best spin offs of the seriesNew plots, stunning escapes, and chilling mysteries keep you ...

  • Saqlain

    Pam disgusts me! The way Pam and Barbara roast at each other disgusts, me! Its way too childish! Otherwise, the book would've been amazing, cool, little read!...

  • Medhansh Vaddadi

    Enjoyed reading complete set of books... It all started during the pandemic time. One of my favourite reads during pandemic...

  • mrs elizabeth whitelaw

    Secret Seven rules.A reasonable follow on to the old collection. No hard words encourages children to read for pleasure , grammar, spelling can come later....