A Tapestry of Treason

A Tapestry of Treason


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‘Gripping’ The Times

Her actions could make history – but at what price?

1399: Constance of York, Lady Despenser, proves herself more than a mere observer in the devious intrigues of her magnificently dysfunctional family, The House of York.

Surrounded by power-hungry men, including her aggressively self-centred husband Thomas and ruthless siblings Edward and Richard, Constance places herself at the heart of two treasonous plots against King Henry IV.  Will it be possible for this Plantagenet family to safeguard its own political power by restoring either King Richard II to the throne, or the precarious Mortimer claimant?

Although the execution of these conspiracies will place them all in jeopardy, Constance is not deterred, even when the cost of her ambition threatens to overwhelm her.  Even when it endangers her new-found happiness.

With treason, tragedy, heartbreak and betrayal, this is the story of a woman ahead of her time, fighting for herself and what she believes to be right in a world of men.

Giving voice to the forgotten women of history, this is the next brilliant historical novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Anne O’Brien.

Praise for A Tapestry of Treason

‘A wonderful novel . . . a rich, gripping, enchanting read. Anne’s vivid writing took me straight to the year 1400 and kept me wonderfully lost there throughout’ Joanna Courtney

Praise for Anne O’Brien

‘O’Brien cleverly intertwines the personal and political in this enjoyable, gripping tale’ The Times

‘O’Brien is a terrific storyteller’ Daily Telegraph

‘A gripping story of love, heartache and political intrigue’ Woman Home

‘Packed with drama, danger, romance and history … the perfect reading choice for the long winter nights’ The Press Association

‘A gripping historical drama’ Bella

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    A Tapestry of Treason Reviews

  • Kathy

    Struggling with devices...I just wanted to note that I enjoyed this long book. It did take a while to get through it all but it was dramatically told and held ones attention as Constance of York was a...

  • Lou

    Anne O'Brien's historical novels are always a joy to behold, and this one is no different. The fact each of the books are based on real, living people make them all the more fascinating. A Tapestry of...

  • Melanie

    I can totally see why Anne O'Brian is universally loved, the historical detail is certainly second to none. However, for me, the book just did not quite work. I expected more flair, I think and more o...

  • Tony Riches

    A Tapestry of Treason begins with an attempt to foretell the future, and I found myself trying to recall what I knew of the actual events of the time. Although I know a great deal about King Henry V, ...

  • M.J.

    Stunning. A Tapestry of Treason is a stunning novel. The character of Lady Constance is a revelation - she is perhaps the most complicated of Anne O'Brien's historical 'women' to date, and the book de...

  • Tracey

    This was such a brilliant read. I’d never heard of Constance Despenser before but really enjoyed reading this story and that of her York family. So much plotting, treachery and betrayal going on. Br...

  • Laura Tenfingers

    I came within a hair's breadth of DNFing this @34% but I'm actually kind of glad that I persevered.This is the tale of Constance (York) le Despenser starting from Henry IV's siezing of the crown from ...

  • Amy  McElroy

    It begins in 1399 and Constance of York, Lady Despenser a favourite at the court of Richard II becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow Henry IV when he takes the throne from Richard.The plot is disco...

  • Vanessa Wild

    This is such a fabulous read! If you enjoy historical fiction about lesser known characters, you’ll love Tapestry of Treason. I hadn’t heard of Constance of York, Lady Despenser, before reading th...

  • A.J. Sefton

    A story of conspiracy during the Medieval period and the Plantagenet family.Anne O'Brien is an expert in the Medieval period and it shines through everything she writes. Every detail is accurate witho...