Only the Valiant

Only the Valiant


, Fantasy

From Morgan Rice, #1 Bestselling author of THE QUEST OF HEROES, comes a riveting new fantasy series.

In ONLY THE VALIANT (The Way of Steel—Book Two), Royce, 17, is on the run, fleeing for his freedom. He reunites with the peasant farmers as he attempts to rescue his brothers and flee for good.

Genevieve, meanwhile, learns a shocking secret, one that will affect the rest of her life. She must decide whether to risk her own life to save Royce’s—even as he thinks she betrayed him.

The aristocracy prepares for war against the peasantry, and only Royce can save them. But Royce’s only hope lies in his secret powers—powers he is not even sure he has.

ONLY THE VALIANT weaves an epic tale of friends and lovers, of knights and honor, of betrayal, destiny and love. A tale of valor, it draws us into a fantasy world we will fall in love with, and appeals to all ages and genders.

Title:Only the Valiant
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    Only the Valiant Reviews

  • Julie Powell

    I was given an ARC of this book and found it to be a great adventure. It's imaginative and filled with action. It's the second book in this series and carries on Royce's journey to quell the nobles an...

  • J Young

    Love and betrayal as only Morgan Rice can deliver!Royce, 17, fleeing from pursuers after killing the Duke, joins forces with peasants who look to him for leadership in a rebellion. Meanwhile, back in ...

  • Scott Wray

    Good but mistake fullBook #2 was still a good read but I was distracted by the many differences from book 1. Book 1 - Black Isle #2 Red Isle, #1 Moira friendly #2 adversary, #1 father dead and pull sw...

  • Scott

    Much better than the previous one. it still has the feeling that previous storyline was combined to make a new novel. Or just bit's and peices that have been reworked and still have certain similarly....

  • Melissa fetzer

    This is a great adventure. The characters are real and lovable and have a lot of depth to them. Every one was a page turner and I couldn’t stop reading it. I truly enjoyed the story and I desperatel...

  • Sandy

    The adventure beginsThe charters are all very well developedIt is a story with so many turns. There is loveThere is a quest for who am I and the growing g up of Royce. It was so interesting that I cou...

  • Barry Edstene

    Another home run...

  • James M Hart

    An other adventureI really enjoyed this episode. It was very carefully crafted. It was a little too simple and needed more complex character s....

  • Rowan Creech

    Great book with many twists and turns. Very action packed. ...

  • Adrian

    On to book 3......I think after reading book 1 and book 2 I missed something important. I'm hoping that book 3 will set me straight....