Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend

Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend

A billionaire cowboy without a home meets a woman who secretly makes food videos to pay her debts...Can Carson and Adele do more than fight in the kitchens at Last Chance Ranch?

To get away from her ex-husband and start over, Adele Woodruff has followed her best friend to Last Chance Ranch, proving she'll do almost anything to earn a buck. After all, she doesn't need the debt collectors coming up into the hills to get their money. In her spare time, she makes foodie videos for TastySpot, a delectable pleasure that fulfills her desire to be a chef one day.

But culinary school costs money, and Adele doesn't have much of that.

When Carson Chatworth shows up at Last Chance Ranch, she doesn't have much patience for him either. He's always strutting around in his fancy jeans that look like they've never seen the inside of a barn, and Adele can spot a rich man when she sees one—and she's had enough of those, thank you very much.

Carson is indeed rich. A billionaire even, after the sale of his generational land in Texas once oil was discovered on it. The sale helped get his daddy and deadbeat brother out of debt, but it meant Carson had to leave the ranch he loved.

When Carson and Adele are partnered up for the goat yoga activities on the ranch, she'll have to set aside her presumptions about the handsome cowboy, and he'll have to try to find a way inside that cabin...and inside her heart.

Can opposites Carson and Adele make a love connection? Or will their stubbornness—and her calling to be a chef—keep them apart?

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  • Coco.V

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (6/4/2019)! 🎁...

  • Donna Campbell

    Absolutely loved it! This was so sweet. I loved this couple and their great chemistry. I love the Second Chance Ranch and all of its characters. This is a sweet, clean romance....

  • Courtney

    I absolutely love Liz Isaacson, I love her writings and the series she always seems to create beginning with a single novel. In "Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend" we find the continuation of two middle ...

  • Teresa  Christianson

    I received a free copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.How does that saying go?....If you love someone let them go if they come back it was meant to be.I guess you could say that is the what Carso...

  • Rhonda

    This is book 2 in the Last Chance Ranch series. The 2 main characters in this story - Adele and Carson - were introduced in the first book. Adele was Scarlett's best friend and Carson was a hired hand...

  • Norma

    Last Chance Ranch is a fascinating place to visit...even if you have to do that through the pages of a book. One quote from this book: “If you came to Last Chance Ranch, you became family.” That i...

  • Pamela Duarte

    I received an ARC of Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend and am leaving a review of my honest opinion.This is the second book in the Last Chance Ranch romance series and the events in this book parallel th...

  • Ellen White

    Adele love and ex has left her with bills that he put on her name, so now bill collectors are after her. Working on her friend’s ranch has benefits, a pair of jeans that now look good on her, after ...

  • Maria Thomas

    It is interesting to read the second book in the series when it overlaps with the time frame of the first book so the reader sees the same scene from a different POV. When I read the first one I thoug...

  • vicki zimmerman

    Started out strong, went downhill from thereAdele and Carson meet after drastic changes to their normal lives. They are strongly attracted to each other right away. She is swimming in debt, he is a bi...