Wicked Unveiled

Wicked Unveiled


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Evangeline made another deal with the voodoo king. And there’s no getting out of it this time.

Baron Samedi wants Angel’s soul, and he’s using her sister to get it. With a countdown clock hanging over her head, Etie will stop at nothing to defeat the dark deity once and for all. But messing with voodoo’s scales of light and dark could have consequences no one is prepared to face.

And other witches are beginning to feel the conduit’s power. They want her. No matter the cost.

With voodoo’s Festival of the Dead fast approaching, the day Baron Samedi demands a choice, Angel and Etie search for answers among enemies.

But who can they really trust? And who’s lying in the shadows, waiting to attack when they least expect it?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets Midnight Texas in this hot new YA paranormal romance series. If you can’t get enough of terrifying magic, sinful voodoo casters, snarky heroines, and steamy moments, you’ll be hooked!

Title:Wicked Unveiled
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    Wicked Unveiled Reviews

  • Georgia

    I received a free copy for an honest review. Holy cajun hotness! I got my wish and there was more Bastien! Yay!! Not to say that he's better than Etie, it's just two cajun hotties are better than one....

  • Emily Dickson

    Holy Voodoo! This just got even more involved than the previous books. Angel is even more engaging as a character as she finally knows what she is and deals with learning about it. Lots of help from E...

  • T.L. McDonald

    Wicked Unveiled is the third book in J.N. Colon’s Hidden Conduit series and was an amazing conclusion to the trilogy. My eyes were glued to the pages from start to finish. The story picks up where b...

  • Sydney

    This series comes to an end. These book have truly became a favorite of mine. Angel cant help but to get into trouble even with the best of intentions. Étienne well he is just all around amazing. You...

  • Sandra

    There was nothing wrong with it and i enjoyed reading it just fine. It just felt kind of repetitive/unnecessary with Angel making a deal to save Marisol, Etie determined to save her and being torn bet...

  • Renee

    Ugh I hate when a really good series ends!!Awesome series with awesome characters! If you're looking for steamy sex scenes look again. I really liked the sexual tension between the 2 main characters a...

  • Debra Duncan

    Wicked Unveiled? Loved it, loved it loved it!!!I started with the novella and have read the stories of Angel and Etie. I know that there will be more on them. Can't wait. Thank you for giving us such ...

  • Lora Lehman

    I received an ARC copy and was not disappointed in the culmination of the series. There was still a great level of action and adventure. I kind of expected a bit more drama with Mama Cece that never t...

  • Messi

    Thrilling. Nonstop. Cant brag enoughTop five favorite series I've read this year. I'm still reeling from the plot twists and intensity of this last book. Dont forget to grab the novela also. It's a mu...

  • Jackie

    Loved it. Loads of magic, witches and more. All in one fantastic story to make reading enjoyable. ...