An Agent for Regina

An Agent for Regina


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Regina Caulfield was unhappy with the choices facing her in her life and with her step-mother’s overbearing attitude. She dreamed of adventures and finding a job in law enforcement unheard of for a lady in 1871.

Luke Tucker was a seasoned Pinkerton agent and a ladies’ man. He loved his job as an agent and the freedom of working cases alone.

When Regina saw an editorial about the Denver offices of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency hiring women, she decided it was fate.

Neither Regina or Luke were ready for the new rule: newly hired female agents must marry an agent for their first case assignment.

Could an independent female agent and a protective male agent find love or will their marriage of convenience end in disaster?

This is the third book in the Pinkerton matchmaker series. The first two books, An Agent for Lucy and An Agent for Wilhelmina are available now.

Title:An Agent for Regina
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    An Agent for Regina Reviews

  • Rocky

    Regina and LukeRegina is the wealthy daughter of a loving father and a wicked step-mother. Rather than stay and marry a man of her step-mother 's choosing, she uses the money left to get by her grandp...

  • Janene

    Storyline was good, but major sentence structure problemsI like the Pinkerton story seried. The two other books I have read were well edited and enjoyable. The plots have all been very good. However, ...

  • HR-ML

    Chicago, then Denver May 1871, onward. The pace of this felt like a rocket taking off. The author had only so much time/ space to tell the story? Regina, who had a photographic memory, knew how to sho...

  • Kim  Gregory

    Book three in the Pinkerton Matchmaker series, as good as the first two I read. Regina, who wants to find a purpose for her life and Luke are paired together. They need to find a bad guy and bring him...

  • Debra Brigden

    An Agent for Regina is filled with images of what life was like in the 1800’s especially relating to women and women’s roles. Marianne Spitzer’s characters are well developed and relatable. I lo...

  • Nancy Silk

    "A Great Enjoyable Story"It's 1871 and Regina Caulfield is unhappy with her life and pressures of her stepmother. When she sees an editorial about the Pinkerton National Detective Agency hiring women,...

  • Dorothy Roller

    Another fantastic addition to this fun series.I loved this Pinkerton Matchmaker story a lot. The heroine is a really good agent and matched with a really good agent husband. This case was fun, their r...

  • Earlene Click

    Reggie and LukeThis was a short well Wittgenstein about a young nieve , very intelligent young lady that desires to be in lawenforcement. A job that is not likely to be held by a female. Like is an ex...

  • Lori

    Oh Regina is so serious about this. She is intelligent and funny and clever. And Luke is tough and opinionated. They are so not happy about getting married. But it worked well to their advantage on th...

  • Jeene Hobbs

    A missing teacher and the Comstock lawBook 3 in the Pinkerton Matchmaker series continues with Regina and Luke. They are sent to Wyoming Territory to find a missing school teacher and check into the s...