Battle for Danang: The 1968 TET Offensive (No Safe Spaces Book 3)

Battle for Danang: The 1968 TET Offensive (No Safe Spaces Book 3)


During the 1968 TET offensive, 85,000 North Vietnamese Army troops and local Viet Cong launched attacks on cities and military installations across South Vietnam. One of their targets was Danang, the second largest city in South Vietnam and home to a massive military installation including the airbase. On January 29, several thousand NVA troops came out of their mountain hiding places and moved toward their objective, the military base at Danang. Only a handful would make it inside the perimeter of the military base. Hundreds would die trying. In one case, an entire NVA Battalion was wiped out by a 12-man Marine recon team with artillery and air support before they got within 20 miles of Danang.

A week later, there would be another push toward Danang from the southwest by a force of 1,500 NVA. Thirty Marines from a small combat base on Hill 41, supported by one tank and a 106mm recoilless rifle, would block the path of the NVA and stop them. People who were in Danang during the TET offensive, and their families, should read this story to know why the NVA and Viet Cong did not reach them in large numbers.

Title:Battle for Danang: The 1968 TET Offensive (No Safe Spaces Book 3)
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  • Ralph Troutman

    I was at DaNang.I was stationed at DaNang from 11/1967 to 6/1968 and then went Phanrang until 11/1968 with the 366th Security Police Squadron. The names of a lot of the place are very familar. Like Mo...

  • Louis Reichenbach

    Best shot story of the three series.Now we all know how military air bases built in hostile territories are protected from attack. Makes one wonder what sort of protection is in place for military air...


    Required readingI have read three on Johnson's war remembrances. He writes as a DI would instruct his recruits to survive in combat. Required reading for all. I would like to see him teach a officer s...

  • Ed Nagel Jr

    Front row seat to a all out attackWritten by an 18 year old Marine Stationed on hill 41 during the Tet offense of Danang . Reads like an after action report as member of 106 crew. ...

  • Ray York

    Battle for DanangA great look at a Marine unit during the 1968 TET Offensive to block attacking NVA and VC from Danang. Well written and a good read....

  • Candice M.

    The book gives the reader an inside look into part of our history, and reading it gave me a brief glimpse of what it was like to be there. I can only imagine what it was like to actually be there--suc...