Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny: My Autobiography

Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny: My Autobiography


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The hysterical, shocking and incredibly intimate memoir from one of the most original and unique comedians alive today.

Hello! I’m Brian Limond, aka Limmy. You might know me from Limmy’s Show. Or you might not know me at all. Don’t worry if you don’t.

They asked me to write a book about mental health, because I sometimes talk about my mental health in tweets and interviews, like suicidal thoughts and anxiety, and what I’ve done to try and deal with it.

I said to them, oh, I don’t know if I could fill a whole book with just that. But how’s about I write a general autobiography type of thing, and all the mental health stuff will naturally appear along the way? I could talk about growing up and slashing my wrist and taking acid all the time and getting done for car theft and feeling like a mad freak that would never amount to anything.

And then how I made my own sketch show. I directed it and everything. Plus I’m a dad. I’m an adult. But I still feel like that mad freak from years ago. I still feel like chucking it all away, for a laugh.

I asked them if they wanted me to write about all that, plus some other stuff. Like being an alky. And my sexual problems. Stuff like that.

They said aye.

So here it is.

Title:Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny: My Autobiography
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    Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny: My Autobiography Reviews

  • Michael Legge

    Shame he dies in the end....

  • Andy Marr

    I've been a fan of Limmy for many years, and am surprised it took me so long to read any of his books. It's a long time since I was able to identify so strongly with a book. Like me, Limmy's had his p...

  • Odi Shonga

    One of my favourite comedians is a fairly unknown Glaswegian man who goes by the name of Limmy. He’s fairly famous in Scotland, less so in the rest of the UK, and I imagine he falls somewhere betwee...

  • F


  • Gavin

    Auto theft, fanny fright, incompetent but dogged self-harm, raving and tripping as self-medication, dole stupor, bail skipping, the death drive, pretend machismo, pretend homosexuality, alcoholism, Fl...

  • Heather

    On one hand a fun book about Limmy's life and career to date, it's like he's chatting his life story; on the other hand an honest book about mental health, addiction, and overcoming the darkest though...

  • Paul Rodger

    One of the most readable autobiographies you’ll come across. From hilarious anecdotes to emotional admissions about his struggles with addiction and mental health, Limmy’s honesty and unflinching ...

  • Carlyn Williamson

    Book was ok, not particularly well written. Left with a lingering dislike for Brian. He seems like a complete baby....

  • Fraser Burnett

    Candid as fuck.Funny as fuck.I loved it....

  • Clare Rose

    More of 2.5 star.I love Limmy and really enjoy his humour, but this was just so beyond what I enjoy reading lol Of course, I didn’t expect jokes constantly and I honestly really enjoyed his view on ...