Bering Strait

Bering Strait


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Without warning, Russia starts a lightning operation to seize control of a vital arctic waterway off the Alaska coast.
For America, it's a threat to national sovereignty.
For Russia, it's a matter of life or death.
For hot-wired naval aviator, Karen 'Bunny' O'Hare, it's about to be a bad day at the office.

NOT everyone takes impending nuclear armageddon as calmly as O'Hare. Dug in deep behind enemy lines, half a mile under the arctic ice, US Navy Airboss Alicia Rodriguez suddenly finds herself in command of the wrong unit, in the wrong place, at just the right time.

FROM a forward airfield at Lavrentiya in the Russian Far East, Major-General Yevgeny Bondarev, is leading a war he doesn't understand against a foe who fights with machines instead of men.

IN labyrinthine tunnels under the New Annexe of the US Embassy in Moscow, Ambassador Devlin McCarthy discovers she can follow her conscience, or follow the orders of her Secretary of State, but not both.

AND staggering through the rubble of cruise missile strikes on Saint Lawrence Island, Yu'pik teenager Perri Tungyan learns just how far his country is willing to go to protect its national interests, and how far he'll go himself.

Title:Bering Strait
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    Bering Strait Reviews

  • Brenda

    I won this ebook in a Goodreads Giveaway.I enjoyed this book, but it took a few chapters to draw me in. It felt like the book was a long one, and Amazon says 543 pages. Set in 2031, the book features ...

  • Tim Slee

    As I am the author (under pen name FX Holden) I can't provide objective input but I thought as you can read the Goodreads reviews here, I would put up the full Readers' Favorite review:Author: FX Hold...

  • Jannelies

    Bering Strait is a very fast-paced technothriller, great for fans of Tom Clancy and the likes. The idea of the Russians wanting to invade Alaska is not new but Tim Slee (F.X. Holden is a pseudonym) ha...

  • F.X. Holden

    Let’s call this an Author Note as it’s not a review. This is a look back on how Bering Strait came to be written! Minor (very minor) spoilers follow which is why I have held off dropping this unti...

  • John

    Future war action thrillerVery detailed of projections of drones, AI and strategic implementation of those enhancements. Clever use of alternate perspectives, esp two native Alaskan boys and an Aussie...

  • Michael Herman

    Sometimes its the author who makes the book. In this case, it is the enormous intellect behind the story that is so impressive. This is a military thriller with all the military jargon, language, thin...

  • Brian Kitchen

    This is one of the best future war techno-thrillers I’ve ever read. The book doesn’t glorify war, but vividly shows the impact that it has on not only the military personnel involved, but the ordi...

  • Danny Blasioli

    You can feel the G's!The writing is taunt and although it involves technology that isn't here yet (maybe), it reads like a play by play of real warfare....

  • A.

    Wasn't sure at first.But it just sucked me right in! Fascinating premise. After I got used to the switching points of view, I really liked it. Now, I'm off to read the book that inspired Mr. Holden to...

  • BHilber

    Once you start this book, it's really hard to put down! What I enjoyed the most in this techo-thriller, was the different points of view in a geopolitical conflict. Holden goes way beyond a juxtaposit...