Murder Most Vile Volume 23: 18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Murder Books)

Murder Most Vile Volume 23: 18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Murder Books)


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Bizarre! Shocking! Horrific! Depraved!

18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Preacher’s Wife: The murder of a beloved pastor shocks a small Tennessee town. The secrets that are revealed in its aftermath are more shocking still.

Love Kills: A homely accountant and a beautiful, aspiring actress tie the knot in an unlikely match-up. One of them won’t make it past the honeymoon.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: The tiny beach community of Port Hueneme, California is rocked by a trio of brutal homicides. The police are convinced that a serial killer is responsible. They’re wrong.

Michigan Deliverance: Two buddies out on a drinking binge stumble into the wrong bar. Soon after, they disappear. Their fate is the stuff of horror movies.

And Never Let Her Go: A woman disappears from a busy city street in broad daylight, leaving the police with a seemingly unsolvable riddle to crack.

Dressed to Kill: Dr. Richard Sharpe had some odd kinks. Dressing up in his wife’s clothes was one of them. Another was stalking her with a hunting rifle.

Mr. Saturday Night: A serial killer is cruising the backroads of South Wales, trawling for victims. Saturday nights just got deadly.

Choke Hold: When a woman is found strangled the police are certain that one of the many men in her life did it. The killer turns out to be a far less likely suspect.




Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now.

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Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections;

American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list.

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  • Bettye McKee

    Satisfying true crime storiesA true crime fan needs true crime stories like an alcoholic needs one more drink.I always enjoy reading Mr. Keller's books, and Volume 23 meets my expectations nicely. The...

  • Bonnie Kernene

    In this volume are 18 stories of murder, some from other countries like Ireland and Australia. Some of the stories are high profile, while others I had not heard of. I am glad he does this. I enjoy re...

  • Beth Shuler

    Always pleasantly surprisedAs said above once again I'm pleasantly surprised...... I know when one of his books come out I'm going to through enjoy it and I also know that most of his stories are norm...

  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Getting better and betterAll Robert Keller's true crime anthologies are really good and make for an enjoyable read. The chapters are short with a new case presented in each one so you never have a cha...


    Blue murder any murderGreat book just love Robert keller,his books are always well,written good grammar,and the stories are fab,the way he describes the murders,read his books you won't be disappointe...

  • Donna

    I liked this book. I can pick it up for a few minutes to read one story or sit and read for an hour. Keller is a decent writer. He chooses stories that are well-known and obscure. I like the switch up...

  • Vicki Godridge


  • Linda McCarthy

    Not disappointedAs always Robert Keller does not disappoint his readers. Enjoyed this one as I have all of his books I have read....