Landon Slade.
Highest paid quarterback in the NFL.
Certifiable ladies’ man.

It’s no secret my ego is boosted. Being light on my feet and good with my hands, I control the plays and my stamina is legendary. And on and off the field, I make the decisions, the rules.
Do I do complicated?
Hell, no.
I take what I want, tackle life my way. But then there’s her. My hotter than sin assistant. Art is her weapon, painting secrets knowing the colors will never reveal the truth. Her heart is fire and walls—impenetrable. Mine is rules, strategy and execution. But I have a play-by-play game plan for my life, for her. What could possibly take me out of the game? My brother dying.
Now, I have five complications I’m responsible for. There are no rules about hormonal teenage girls, coaching pee wee football, or braiding hair. Can you intimidate a toddler into potty training or wearing clothes? Who the hell knows?
But what I do know is that sinfully sexy best friend of mine with the razor-sharp wit who won’t give us a chance… she has a soft spot for kids. I may have been blindsided, but I refuse to let this bring me to my knees.

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    Blindsided Reviews

  • Candace Tidwell

    Hmmm. How do I even start this review?Blindsided is one of a kind. I loved Stahl's writing in this book. It was different and intriguing. The characters are original and witty. Landon is a bit of a co...

  • Ghada

    This book took a real effort to finish. I almost DNF but then prevailed to finish. An average story however H was kinda annoying. ...

  • Coco.V

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (1/31/2020)! 🎁...

  • Thuy Taylor

    So, I finished Blindsided this morning, and I absolutely loved it. It was funny, heartbreaking, HOT, made me giddy, I couldn't put it down! Shey's writing made me feel like I was watching this whole o...

  • Lydia

    I was not feeling this book. I did not like Landon and his feelings for Ember were a tad confusing. He says he wants a physical relationship with her, but then turns around and says something about ma...

  • G (heartbooked)

    Blindsided brings you emotions that go far beyond skin-deep quality. It is the touchdown you get from an intercept!!! People may read and think Landon is an a-hole... cocky football player... a heartl...

  • Heather andrews

    Landon kind of annoyed me the first couple of chapters, I mean yes his life had been uprooted but damn the man came off as selfish, and sometimes the way he talked to ember kind of agitated me, it was...

  • Sherri Romero

    Just missed the markIt could have been very good. But a couple of big fails for me. There was a general overall lack of depth of emotion. Our hero's brother dies, leaves him with all these kids, and t...

  • Tahsin

    Another KU winner! NOT! I just cannot deal with the writing style. I tried, have been trying for a whole day now, to no avail. This is not an academic article I’m reading that every single point has...

  • Andrea

    This book completely took me by surprise! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a sports romance that I’ve really enjoyed and I must say that I more than enjoyed Blindsided and couldn’t put it...