Walking to Aldebaran

Walking to Aldebaran

Chilling story of a lost astronaut on an alien artefact from Arthur C. Clarke award-winning Adrian Tchaikovsky

My name is Gary Rendell. I’m an astronaut. When they asked me as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “astronaut, please!” I dreamed astronaut, I worked astronaut, I studied astronaut.

I got lucky; when a probe sent out to explore the Oort Cloud found a strange alien rock and an international team of scientists was put together to go and look at it, I made the draw.

I got even luckier. When disaster hit and our team was split up, scattered through the endless cold tunnels, I somehow survived.

Now I’m lost, and alone, and scared, and there’s something horrible in here.

Lucky me.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Title:Walking to Aldebaran
Edition Language:English
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    Walking to Aldebaran Reviews

  • carol.

    'Aldebaran' is a red star whose name comes from the Arabic word for 'follower,' because it seems to follow the Pleides. Interesting choice, although like others, my reading eye slurred it to 'Alderaa...

  • Nataliya

    2020: Well, that was some well-done mindf*ck.I read it, got to the end, sat there open-mouthed for a bit, then promptly went to the beginning and read it again, this time with the clarity of hindsight...

  • Tadiana ?Night Owl?

    You know how some books get less impressive as you get some distance from finishing them and think about them some more? You realize the plot had serious holes, or the characters were flat, or whateve...

  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)

    (3.5) Well shit this was a stranger short novella with a nice twist to it!...

  • Bradley

    You know those times when you are reading Harlan Ellison and you say to yourself, "Where are all the newer writers doing DARK FREAKING TWISTS in their SF, full of humor, horror, and anxiety?"Ah, good ...

  • ???  2.?

    Scientists were baffled when the Kaveney probe, sent to investigate a new planet in the Kuiper belt, turned up nothing. The math checked out. There was definitely something out there yanking gravity...

  • Carolyn

    This is dark and quirky scifi noir as astronaut Garry Rendell finds himself lost in an alien labyrinth. Part of a combined nations space mission to explore an artifact discovered in the Oort cloud bey...

  • Faith

    “It had a dozen many-jointed legs, and I snapped them off and piled them up, a campfire just like my old scoutmaster taught me, and I used one of my shonky little jury-rigged pieces of nonsense to s...

  • jade

    “they are roads through the great dark without, just as there are roads through the lesser dark within. they let us walk to all the other stars.” meet gary rendell.gary is a british ast...

  • Trish

    Bwahahahahahaha!Do you happen to know the movie The Cube (and/or maybe it's sequel)? What started out as a relatively straightforward space adventure turns into quite similar mindfuckery.Gary is one o...