The Shake 'n Bake Sergeant: True Story of Infantry Sergeants in Vietnam

The Shake 'n Bake Sergeant: True Story of Infantry Sergeants in Vietnam


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A gripping, fascinating story - A gripping fascinating story, enhanced by the fact that the story is real and provides a full account of Dr. Horton's experiences being thrown into heavy combat after just a few months of training. Recommended reading for all.

Survival against all odds - in the trenches of Vietnam - I still can't believe they get out of there alive - couldn't put it down. This first person narrative of hand-to-hand combat in the trenches of Vietnam left me scared, glad to be alive and eternally grateful to those who died for my freedom

Could not put it down - A friend had mentioned this book to me. Once I received it I could not put it down. Jerry Horton joined the army to simply be able to afford to go to college. 40 years later he has a PHD and multiple degrees but they were earned at a heavy price for this patriot. Jerry shares his experiences in Vietnam in an articulate, honest and direct assessment of his time in Vietnam, the men he served with and the horrors of war. Incredible story of leadership and survival.

Shake N Bake Sergeant aka Instant NCO - Jerry Horton absolutely nailed the life of a "Shake 'n Bake" Sergeant when he tells the story of dedicated soldiers trained at Fort Benning, GA and then follows them to Vietnam. This book is not only absolutely dead on accurate but gives the reader every aspect of what it was like to experience the war as a Shake 'n Bake Sergeant. Instant NCO's were trained for only one reason - to lead United States soldiers into combat and they did it with heroic efficiency and effectiveness with limited resources.

This book is not just a home run - it is a Grand Slam. Interesting, accurate, full of suspense and you can't put it down. This book should be required reading for everyone so they can understand that Freedom is not Free. There is a cost and sometimes that cost is heavy. Horton brings it all across in a nonstop action format. It is a great read!

If you really want to know what it was like...This has to be the most realistic 'must read' book to come out of the VN war. If you ever read any book about this war - this is the one to read. You won't put it down and you won't ever forget it!

From the book's review by the late COL(R) David Hackworth (most-decorated Vietnam veteran): "In 1968, the U.S. Army was running out of sergeants in Vietnam. Throughout military history, as least as far back as the Revolutionary War, sergeants were the backbone of the Army. This shortage of sergeants meant disaster in Vietnam. The NCO candidate school was created to solve this serious problem by doing one thing - train soldiers to lead men in combat. It was modeled after the Officer's candidate school but streamlined to meet this critical need for leaders in half the time. Graduates were known by most as "Shake 'n Bake Sergeants" or "Instant NCOs" since they got their rank fast from going to school.

This book is the first time this important part of American history has ever been published. It is the first time anyone has given credit to Shake 'n Bake Sergeants - a credit that they so greatly deserved. At the time there were many who said they would fail. It seemed many did not respect them even though all were destined for front line positions. The book documents how they proved their worth over and over again as front line infantry leaders even though for thirty some years their sacrifices have been unknown."

An unforgettable mixture of vivid realism, poignant sadness and unexpected humor. Once you begin reading The Shake 'n Bake Sergeant, you will find it hard to put it down. See

Title:The Shake 'n Bake Sergeant: True Story of Infantry Sergeants in Vietnam
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    Great read...

  • James

    I served in Vietnam in the same company, A-1-8, as SGT Horton albeit several months later. However, I was fortunate not to have experienced combat as severe as that which Horton describes here. His co...

  • Joan

    RivetingAs a avid reader and researcher of the Vietnam war having read hundreds of biographies and true accounts, I found myself tensed up in the moment on several occasions. Extremely detailed and we...

  • Alex H.

    Beginning is a bit slow but does get betterI never heard the term Shake and Bake SGT’s. I joined the Army in 77 and retired in 04. I was speaking with a veteran and he asked me if I was a shake and ...

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    Awesome, well written book on the Viet Jam war. Those who served in Vietnam should be remembered as heroesIt was an awesome book. Those interested in how we need to remember our servicemen. They were ...

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    FIve Stars !Having read many books about the Vietnam war, this is about as good as it gets. I loved that the author told of his own experiences but also that so many of his buddies added their thought...

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    A truly great bookA real tribute to the author and soldier of Vietnam. I have read hundreds of military history books. This is truly one of the best😊! Reading it seemed bad, enduring it had to be h...

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    One of the best books about enlisted infantry in Vietnam.Very vividVery informative book about the grunts in the Nam.Jerry's writing style brought out the horror of close combat. I highly recommend th...

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    OutstandingIntense, keeps the reader amazed at the heroism of these brave men. An outstanding book with many opportunities to understand the outstanding leadership provided by the Shake and Bake NCOs....

  • Marcia Dial

    Sgt HortonGives a good an accurate account of the inexperienced in warfare. These Sgt's were young and inexperienced in the leadership before Vietnam. But on the job training can't be beat....