Four Stories about the Human Face

Four Stories about the Human Face


Fiction. A man in search of a rare pink dolphin, a social media assistant for a pasta sauce company, a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, and too-proud parents of a new baby all have one thing in common: social media and modern technology have them questioning their reality. Ryan Napier makes us consider the repercussions and anxieties that result from a world that revolves around image.

Title:Four Stories about the Human Face
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    Four Stories about the Human Face Reviews

  • Jonathan Beal

    Napier's chapbook hosts four engaging and insightful stories; each of them unique yet delightfuly different. If you're looking for clever and thought-provoking short stories, you might want to give th...

  • Brianna Gwathney

    Four Stories about the Human Face is a unique, poetic depiction of everyday struggles entangled with millennial life. The raw honesty in which Napier recounts events in his life makes the read addicti...

  • Rebecca Courtney

    Napier's dialogue sounds real, pausing where necessary and using italics for emphasis. It's refreshing to see someone utilizing the styles available to them, not just typing and letting the reader fig...

  • Randyl Music

    I appreciate the sheer honesty in this chapbook. Ryan is painfully relatable in the expectations of the human experience which echo with simultaneous disappointment and excitement. ...

  • Sarah Gabriel

    Napier has a way with his quirky stories that makes the readers reflect on themselves. The journey of each character is relatable and entertaining. ...