The Hard Core

The Hard Core


The war is on, and John is taking the offensive.

Worlds collide when John joins forces with a Detroit homicide detective to bring down a sinister organization destroying young lives for financial gain.

The CARR Group, a privatized prison provider, takes the battle to the streets to stop John. Now he must work with a group of unlikely allies from both sides of the law to fight back.

But the enemy has a skilled team of their own, backed by considerable resources.

Against overwhelming odds, how far can John push this crew as he brings the fight to the enemy’s doorstep?

The Hard Core is the next adrenaline-fueled blockbuster entry in the John Stone action thriller series.

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Title:The Hard Core
Edition Language:English
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    The Hard Core Reviews

  • Sean Peters

    Yes another Manning Brothers book read, five in a row.Number 5 is a action packed bonanza, lots of great heroes, and some great villains.The war is on, and John is taking the offensive. Worlds collide...

  • John

    John Stone, a man among men!I’m going to repeat myself in this review, I’ve said the same thing in my reviews of the last 4 books in the series. If you like action hero’s, this is the book and s...

  • D. E.

    An AM & BM. Military Operation (One Man) Action Adventure (THC) (AAPMPT) (AJSATB - 5)AM. & BM. have penned a military operation (one man) action adventure titled, "The Hard Core" which begins when JS ...

  • James Stein

    So - OKWhat the heck, when I chose the book I wasn't expecting a classic for the ages but I was hoping for a read that would be entertaining enough to keep me interested to the last page. Which this b...

  • Jo Ann

    Nothing easyThis book is terrific, so many wonderful characters and all led by John Stone who has become one of my favorites. Lots of action and intensity all the way to the end and the bad guys rare ...

  • Kenn Goslin

    Colorado, the center of the conflicts...The complications in this epic-sode (misspelling intended) start right off the line. The ending is equally as riddled with the question, who is still breathing?...

  • Catherine Martin

    Great job, another page turner!Loved the nonstop action in this one! Couldn’t put it down, can’t wait to dive into book 6 (it’s queued up and waiting for me)! :>}...

  • Amy Lea  Miller

    Great action Loved the new characters. I really enjoy reading this series. I woul recommend it to anyone that likes non stop action ...

  • Jane

    Non stopLoved all the Brother’s books so far. Great characters and breath taking action. More, more, more, please. I cannot wait....

  • Wancket Enterprises

    ThanksWhat a rush. Thank you for the adventure Mr. Mannings. I love agood action book when I'm not reading a mystery and yours are some of the best!...