Unpublished Fragments (Spring 1885-Spring 1886)

Unpublished Fragments (Spring 1885-Spring 1886)


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This volume of The Complete Works provides the first English translation of all Nietzsche's unpublished notes from April 1885 to the summer of 1886, the period in which he wrote his breakthrough philosophical books Beyond Good and Evil and On the Genealogy of Morality. Keen to reinvent himself after Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the philosopher used these unpublished notes to chart his search for a new philosophical voice. The notebooks contain copious drafts of book titles; critical retrospection on his earlier projects; a critique of the feminine; prophetic commentary on Germany; and forays into metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and language. They also reveal his deep concern for Europe and its future and a burgeoning presence of the Dionysian. We learn what Nietzsche was reading and from whom he borrowed, and we find a considerable portion of notes and fragments from the non-book Will to Power, though here they are unembellished and unmediated. Richly annotated and accompanied by a detailed translator's afterword, this landmark volume sheds light on the controversy surrounding the Nachlass of the 1880s.

Title:Unpublished Fragments (Spring 1885-Spring 1886)
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  • Richard

    This was bedtime reading over a long period. Nietzsche has been one of my culture heroes through the years, and I can recollect giving a seminar to a group of Roman Catholics who had never heard a pos...

  • j...

    is this really the infamous 'will to power?'typically dangerous thoughts from nietzsche's notebooks, but really, nothing more harmless than playing with literary style--transitioning from the poetic t...